Africa, Asia and Europe summit to discuss global economic issues


(Johannesburg, 17 October 2012)The inaugural Africa – Asia – Europe Trade & Investment Summit (AAE Summit) will be held from the 19th to the 21st of November 2012 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. For the first time ever, the event will bring together African, Asian, and European governments, businesses, civic societies, academics and think tanks into an environment where trade and investment policies will be debated and develop an understanding of the investment and operating environments in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Themed “Breaking New Ground”, the 3 day summit is informed by the desire and need for business and governments in the three continents to find new solutions to global economic problems. The AAE Summit offers an opportunity for Africa to position itself as an important market of almost 1 billion consumers. In the wake of recent global economic challenges, this event will also present itself as an opportunity for Asian and European governments and companies to find new markets and sources of supply outside their traditional ones. Similarly, African businesses and governments will take the opportunity to identify new partnerships and to seek investment across every sector.


“With Africa being a fast growing economic block and with the continent commanding the numbers in consumers that it does, it is important for Africa to begin to realise its worth and to be able to build value out of it. This event is the platform to explore these opportunities. It will be an event where open and frank discussions can be held with the aim of finding constructive solutions to the world’s growing problems and for the partnerships that can be built around Africa, Asia and Europe. It also promises to be a catalyst for the problem solving process. Furthermore, the discussion must enable Africa to begin to take up a different role in world economic affairs. Africa must develop a new understanding about its role in the world and utilize that to reduce poverty and its dependence on aid.” Said Garikai Nhongo, MD of Egoli Communications


The Summit will:

  • Present a critical assessment of current trade and investment climate in Africa and address specific policy issues that confront the Asian and  European public and private sectors in the African market place,
  • Assess the risks of doing business in Africa by giving practical case studies and policy frameworks
  • Identify specific intra- and inter- regional needs in Africa and encourage multi-lateral co-operation between international investors and role-players, business practitioners and policy makers,
  • Identify and review the need for trade-related technical assistance and capacity-building in terms of partnership with Africa,
  • Showcase key development initiatives to the private & public sectors of the many commercial opportunities on both continents,
  • Offer an international platform for Asian, European and African enterprises, business leaders, policy makers and academics to share ideas and build confidence and / or consensus around developing creative and sustainable business relationships.
  • Provide an assessment of current economic issues and how those can be mitigated taking into particular view the Greek and Spanish debt crises and the growth of the Chinese and Indian economies.


The summit has attracted about 3000 delegates, 48 speakers and over 200 exhibitors from 61 participating countries in the Aviation, Agriculture & Agro-processing, Automobiles, Banking, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Construction & Materials, Development Finance, Electronics, Engineering, Food & Beverages, Forestry & Paper, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, ICT – Information & Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining & Metals, Oil & Gas, Public Sector Entity, Retail, Telecommunications, and Tourism & Leisure sectors. Through the exhibition, trade partnerships will be created and opportunities will be traded across the floor. Given the summit’s multi-sectorial approach towards trade and investment, there are numerous opportunities for players in the participating markets to extract value.


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