AFCOPB and Bank of Ghana signed partnership agreement for the 1st West Africa Microfinance Conference in Accra

An agreement was signed between the African Centre for Peace Building-AFCOPB and Bank of Ghana to pave way for the successful implementation of the 1st West Africa Microfinance Conference (WAMIC 2013) to be held in Accra from April 24-26, 2013

The three day programme which is under the theme ‘Empowering Africa for Economic Peace: the role of the Microfinance Sector’ includes conference, training workshops, industry presentation and exhibition. It brings together hundreds of participants (microfinance companies, policy maker, financial institution, scholars, civil society representatives, media, business professionals, state officials, development agencies etc.) from across the West Africa sub-region.

Mr. Korsi Senyo noted that ‘the microfinance sector plays a significant role in the development of Africa’s economy through provision employment and other positive engagements, and access to credit facilities to the informal sector which constitutes the larger population in Africa’s economy but however been face with several challenges’.


The 2013 WAMIC therefore seeks to address some of the challenges confronting the sector in the West Africa sub-region as it is expected to equip participants with the requisite skills and provide them with relevant industry information in managing a microfinance business.


A conference of this nature will contribute to greatly ‘to ensuring jobs security as well as bringing some sanity into the sector while providing participants with a common platform for sharing ideas, resources and networking’ Gloria Darline Quartey, the Head of the Center for Training and Professional-Bank of Ghana  said

“The mission of the AFCOPB as a Ghana based Non-governmental organization (NGO) is to build peace in Ghana and Africa through conflict prevention, youth development, peace education, promotion of human rights, health and poverty reduction. AFCOPB also seeks to champion public awareness that would enable people to make peaceful and healthy decisions for themselves, their families, nations and the continent,” says AFCOPB Executive Director, Korsi Senyo.

‘We therefore appealed to corporate bodies, the media, NGOs, civil society, development agencies, and individuals for sponsorship, donations and any other forms of support towards the realization of this dream’. He concluded

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