A new platform and new ways of thinking for the development of quantum measurement technology, nanotechnology, biomedical technology

On the basis of quantum optics and nano-materials’studying, Professor Zhu Kadi and Dr. Li Jinjin of Shanghai Jiaotong University proposed the plan that the nanometer spectrometer,which is commonly known in the industry ” light scales”, through high precision optical measurement of quality of biological DNA molecular and chromosome to detect cancer cells in the body firstly in the world.This proposed program is expected to provide a new platform and new ways of thinking for the development of quantum measurement technology, nanotechnology, biomedical technology.
To the results of this study, the American Physical Society commented: “this work is expected to lead the nano science into a new field of measurement.” And the top overview of the physics community internationally recognized journal “Physics Reports” also published Professor Zhu Kadi team’s outcome as a lengthy review paper.Since founded in 1971, the journal a total of only published nine review papers of the Chinese research institutions, including fours since 2000. And it is the first paper published in the Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University.
The team of Professor Zhu Kadi by using the surface plasmon and the coupling system of nanometer material firstly proposed all-optical control method of measuring the particle mass.Now it can be predicted accurately to measure the quality of a single atom.This measurement method is to put an atom to be measured on the surface of a carbon nanotube,and then lighting on the carbon nanotubes at the same time with two different strength type, the detection of weak light absorption spectrum can be accurately obtained carbon the vibration frequency of the nanotubes.After two times the measured the vibration frequencies of carbon nanotube,get the variation of the vibration frequency of the carbon nanotube before and after loading atoms.The quality of the individual atoms on the carbon nanotube surface can be obtained by calculating.
According to reports, the carbon nanotubes, quantum dots and surface plasmon composite system will be combined to invent the first all-optical control of high sensitive nanometer optical spectrometer. Useing the all-optical control, the sensitivity and accuracy of the new spectrometer nearly three orders of magnitude higher than traditional electrical mass spectrometer. This research work on existing electrical mass spectrometer has done greatly upgrading and improvement, all-optical method instead of the traditional electrical measurements.
The research team is ongoing research to measure a single proton or neutron by “light weight”. The team also hopes “optical scale” applied to study of the biological DNA molecules, and a new method is proposed to detect cancer cell DNA molecule.According to the introduction, the quality of traditional Carcinogenesis DNA molecule with a normal DNA molecule is not completely the same. By measuring principle of it can detect the presence of cancer cells, and it is expected to promote the medical and clinical fields.


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