“I think energy efficiency and management in the short to long term is the way to go and this conference’s emphasis on ways to improve these is impressive.”

Exclusive interview with Norman Ndaba:
Global Client Services Partner (GCSP),
Director: Power & Utilities at Ernst & Young –
platinum sponsors at African Utility Week.

1) Norman Ndaba is Ernst & Young’s Sector Leader for Power and Utilities. Here is some background on him and the position:

Position Role
Norman is Ernst & Young’s Power & Utilities sector leader in Africa and he is also the Global Client Service Partner (GSCP) for Eskom. Amongst his duties Norman does the following;

· With account teams achieve the goals for global revenue, global margin, and global sales/pipeline

· Build and leverage strong client relationships

· Champions Expected Service Quality (ESQ) and Assessment of Service Quality (ASQ) levels

· For specific large pursuits, develop the pursuit strategy. Support the account team in pursuit of new business, including escalating decisions regarding required investment in the account

· Sponsor account-wide knowledge and technology initiatives and participate in knowledge sharing activities.

· Identify solutions provided to the client that could be leveraged to other accounts

· Build, develop and maintain a diverse, high performance teams with appropriate expertise.

· Identify key account investment needs, including alliances and partnering.

Value to Power & Utilities Africa

Wide energy industry knowledge and expertise in serving energy companies in sub-saharan Africa.

Norman has over 25 years experience in the energy industry. Prior to joining Ernst & Young, he spent 15 years in various positions and locations in the downstream oil business of Royal Dutch Shell. He has had extensive exposure to strategic marketing planning, project investment and evaluation analysis, and participated in strategic internal and external studies.

In the last 10 years Norman has served as Eskom’s client services partner on behalf of Ernst & Young and has been instrumental in forging and initiating Ernst & Young Africa Power & Utilities strategy including coordinating local and international Ernst & Young teams to serve clients across Africa.

Relevant clients

Eskom Holdings

City Power

PeU investments

City of Tshwane

Central Energy Fund (CEF)

Department of Energy (DOE)

EDI Holdings (EDI)



Sasol Limited.

2) Any exciting projects that you are working on that you can share with us?
I am currently working on a security of revenue project for a major Metro with emphasis on energy efficiency and energy management.

3) What would you say are the main challenges today for utilities on the continent?

· Finding the resources and the capacity to deal with climate change,

· providing acceptable, reliable and affordable energy in an accountable manner,

· war for talent,

· cost of capital and accessibility, and

· capital Projects execution.

4) The power sector is still seen as a good investment opportunity by many, would you agree with that?


5) What is your vision for this industry?

To leapfrog the energy divide in Africa by 2020.

6) What surprises you about this industry?
How many smart people there are.

7) Ernst & Young are platinum sponsors at African Utility Week – why did you decide to
partner with this event?

I think energy efficiency and management in the short to long term is the way to go and that this conference’s emphasis on ways to improve these is impressive.

8 ) What are you most looking forward to at the CEO Forum during the event?

I am looking forward to interactive discussions with the people who actually do manage the power sector and hear their views in an open forum.

9) You are launching a power and utility report during the CEO Forum, can you give us a
sneak preview of its contents? Any surprises?

No surprises really. Globalisation has got a way of levelling the playing field and shortening distances so to speak.

10) What will be your main message at African Utility Week?
Africa you are not alone. Leapfrog Vision 2020 – is it achievable, if so what is achievable?

11) Anything you would like to add?

I wish a good conference at a personal and corporate level for all the delegates.

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