Regulatory authority vows to clean out clone gadgets

Communications authority in Botswana vows to clean the market of clone and sub standard gadgets, especially mobile phones which they say they are flooding the market in Botswana and are a health hazard.

Botswana Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) says it is going to register all mobile phones and other communication gadget dealers to ensure that it is able to track the type of equipment they supply to the market. The dealers who will be found selling fake or clone gadget will be fined between P 10 000 and P2 million, or imprisonment.

BOCRA says it will engage all stakeholders relevant to the ICT industry and will fine dealers who are not complying to the type of gadget approved in the country. Consumers will be encouraged to buy from dealers who are complying to the type approval. The mobile phone industry in Botswana has since 1998 got saturated with fake and substandard equipment which has posed health threat to Botswana people, especially the low earning class who struggle to buy a cell phone. The country will be using Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial (ISDB-T) standard developed in Japan.

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