Botswana: Surveillance cameras hopes to control road carelessness

Pascal Raditsebe

GABORONE, Sept 9, ( — Government plans to engage surveillance cameras to monitor all national roads is expected to curb careless driving on Botswana roads, transport and communications minister, Nonofo Molefhi has said recently

Addressing nationwide consultative meetings around the country Molefhi said government was concerned that a lot of drivers were not adhering to the set road traffic regulations, among them the 120km/h speed.

Through camera surveillance, reckless drivers could be followed up and they could be brought to book. A piloted surveillance camera project undertaken in Gaborone for 36 hours recently registered about 6 800 road offences.

“With drivers failing to change their attitude, millions of Pula could be collected and used for maintaining and servicing the roads,” the Minister noted.

The Minister said funds collected from fined drivers could be used to carry out road maintenance and enhance road infrastructure. He explained that currently much of the revenue collected is through vehicle annual registration.

“Over US$ 1. 50 (Botswana Pula 15) and over US$ 300 thousand (Botswana Pula 20 million) collected from the country’s 450 000 vehicle registrations annually could cover a construction of a four kilometer road,” he said.

Botswana has managed to improve roads infrastructure and upgrade road networks, but the main challenge is still on monitoring long stretches of roads with limited traffic police officers.

The introduction of surveillance cameras is slowly taking high priority and government is most likely to adopt the use of surveillance cameras on the roads to help curb roads accidents and monitor them.

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