“TCL Power is dedicated to the build out of the grid across East, Central and Southern Africa.”

Exclusive interview with Dr. Gachao Kiuna – CEO Transcentury – platinum sponsors at the upcoming EAPIC in Nairobi.

1)  What are the projects that your company is involved in currently in East Africa that you are most excited about?

1.  New Transformers and Switchgears requirement for utility companies in East Africa and other Sub Sahara countries.

2.  Rural Electrification Projects in East Africa and other Sub Sahara countries

3.  Low and Medium voltage Switchgears and Distribution panels for Factories and building Industry.

2)  What makes TCL Power  competitive in this market?

•  Distribution and Power Transformers,

•  Low and Medium voltage  Switchgears,

•  Low Voltage Distribution Boards  and Power Factor Correction Panels

•  Strong Brands: EA Cables, Tanelec, [Avery brands]

•  Quality::

–  ISO 9001 Quality Management System

–  ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

•  Country Bureau of Standards certification for all our products

Production scope:

•  Tanelec is well equipped and conveniently located in Arusha, Tanzania to provide full customer support for all our products and at the same time offer comprehensive repair and service capabilities.

•  The only manufacturing facility in East Africa for Distribution Transformers

3)  What in your view are the main challenges for the power industry in East Africa?

•   Under-penetration of power infrastructure: Low Installed capacity and electrification rates, with over-reliance on Hydro

•   Capital: To build necessary capacity, substantial capital required

•   Buyers dependence on Donor funded Projects

4)  What is your vision for the industry?

•  TCL Power is dedicated to the build out of the grid across East, Central and Southern Africa.

•  Supply of equipment (Cables, Transformers, Switchgear etc)

•  Turnkey Projects: distribution lines, substations etc

5)  What surprises you about this industry?

•   Under-penetration in the Power industry does not surprise us, as this is a theme consistent across industries in Africa. Key is execution: provide quality products and services for the build out of the Grid.

6)  Why did you decide to become a platinum sponsor for EAPIC?

EAPIC is a great forum that brings together all the East African stakeholders within the Power industry.  TCL Power is excited to be associated with EAPIC in the long term, as we work together to build out the region’s power infrastructure.

7)  What will be your message at EAPIC in September?

Key message will be that TCL Power is committed to working with key stakeholders to build power infrastructure across the region. Our aim will be to showcase our TCL Power product range (Cables, Transformers, Switchgear etc) as well as to build partnerships with key stakeholders to execute on the power infrastructure opportunity.

8)  Anything you would like to add?

East African Corporations grid integration on Power Generation, Distribution and Utilization using regional Power companies will speed up EAC economic growth.



Brands under the TCL Power are: East African Cables, Tanelec, AEA.

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