Cloud and Big Data

How do you eat an elephant? One byte at a time!

As more and more mobile phones are taken up across the continent and we increasingly engage and transact in a digital world, it stands to reason there is more and more data being generated.  But, what to do with it?  Two key streams on the agenda at AfricaCom 2014 to help address this are ‘Cloud’ and ‘Big Data.’

Data is king – more so than ever.  Knowing how to analyse the data retrieved through a myriad of transactions and transaction types, in order to serve that person/people group specific information that results in a desired response is both an art and a science – science fiction?  This is now a business in its own right and involves sophisticated software systems than can take the bytes of data, process them quickly and dispatch with the objective of acquiring targets.

Whether we like it or not, we are all a part of the matrix – whether we have a Facebook account or not.  A swiped credit card, any form of payment (other than cash), is recorded. Personal details, likes and dislikes and even habits, are all on file, somewhere.  For marketers and brands alike, Big Data is an incredible opportunity to increase sales.  Big data is able to serve HUGE amounts of selected data to billions of people at exceptional speeds.  It influences everyday purchase decisions, but the ability to keep up to date with the fast evolving developments in this field that will classify the winners and the losers of the information age.

Storing this data presents another opportunity and the ‘cloud’ that is slowly covering Africa is an ideal place to begin.

But ‘Cloud’ is much more than just a storage place.  The provision of cloud-based computer services linked to ‘businesses on the go’ is helping to drive entrepreneurship in both established and emerging markets.  Fuelled by necessity, the quickest uptake in cloud services is coming from the SME sector, however Enterprise is beginning to sit up and take notice of the many benefits and cost savings of migrating to a more flexible and efficient infrastructure.

However, there are still questions around security of the information stored in the cloud and the need for the telcos and cloud service providers to work together in order to maximise the customer experience and help grow economies.

AfricaCom, as the African continent’s single largest digital ecosystem conference and exhibition, continues to provide a platform and environment where these issues, can be debated, challenged and resolved.  Considering that both the ‘cloud’ and ‘big data’ affect just about each and everyone on the planet, it’s probably best to discover why and how to get the most out of it.

To find out more, register for AfricaCom 2014 or let us have your comments and thoughts on the subject.

About AfricaCom 2014:

Taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 11 – 13 November 2014, AfricaCom is now in its 17th year.   AfricaCom is Africa’s largest communications conference & exhibition.  The conference programme covers the most strategic issues affecting companies in Africa’s digital market – services, efficiency, profitability, customer experience, partnerships, policy and more – and features 11 co-located events: VSAT Africa, TM Forum Live @ Africa Com, LTE Africa, Digital Music, Mobile Money & Commerce, AfricaCast, AfricApps, etc. To register:



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