Styled in a Crown of Glory

Houstonians celebrated a week of fashion and philanthropy during the annual Houston Fashion Week showcased at the JW Marriott Hotel. Notable dignitaries in attendance were Ms. Trinelle Mc Hughes-Thomas from the City of Houston, Mayor’s office, Miss Houston, Miss Teen Houston, Mrs. Texas Int’l, Miss Jr. Lone Star State and Miss Teen Texas. The event spanned six days; and is produced by a group of local models, fashion photographers and style enthusiasts who are in support of Houston’s local Fashion Designers. There was a silent auction of dresses created by the participating designers to help raise financial support for the National Spinal Cord Injury Association’s chapter in Houston. The catwalk was wheelchair accessible; making this the first wheelchair friendly runway format for the Houston Fashion Week event.

During the awards segment, one designer, Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs was awarded as the Best Couture Designer and Best Bridal Designer title for the “Queen of the Brides” gown collection and the “Crown Collection” of formal gowns. Kimma Wreh also won the Best Fashion Designer of the year award.  The voting is based on scores by affiliate networks of the event, which includes the Houston Fashion and Beauty Chamber. TeKay’s Queen of the Brides Collection is a high-end bridal line with each gown representative of a historic woman of power and social significance from different countries around the world.  The line is heavily influenced by ancient Egyptian and European styles and adorned with lavish accessories. The bridal collection carries white and cream colored gowns with gold trimmings. This season the line introduces a silver ensemble into the bridal collection. The bridal gowns were created using silver pleated satin fabric inserted into a silver metallic lace, which offers women a striking appearance.

TeKay continues to expand with a new line of high-end formal gowns titled the “Crown Collection” which also showcased this season and includes looks for pageant and red carpet occasions. The Crown Collection offers elegance with color, and was inspired by client’s request for red carpet dresses.We’ve been working with several pageant events these past few years. Many of the contestants have utilized TeKay Designs because our dress collection is inspired by culture. Culture resonates with these ladies, and they wish to include their cultural expression into the pageant presentation to differentiate themselves from competitors. I’ve learned a lot about the demands for pageant winners to be glamorous since I’ve begun working within pageant events.” Explains Creative Director, Kimma Wreh. “ The need to be glamorous extends beyond the award winning moment. These ladies have philanthropic causes which they represent, and they help by enrolling financial sponsors to support their causes. With each public appearance or presentation they must bring that same level of elegance and charm to the fore-front. Being elegant is an occupational requirement of the title holder. Pageant queens are particular about wearing unique dress designs. God forbid another woman arrives at an affair wearing the same gown as the pageant winner!  TeKay Designs is available to support in creating custom gowns for these women of discerning taste.” claims Kimma.

TeKay Designs has lent its efforts towards bringing community together for various charitable causes. Global fashion is often the first to expose itself and help out when tragedies strike and financial assistance is needed. The Crown Collection positions the TeKay brand within a network of pageant queens who are ambassadors to philanthropic causes. Many pageant winners have shared the lime-light with TeKay during fashion charity events. The Houston Fashion Week event included a charitable fundraising segment that offered women with spinal cord disabilities to share the catwalk during a moment of glamour. Making this the first wheelchair friendly runway for the fashion week event. We see that this has potential, and it’s all about making all women look and feel beautiful. Explained Victor Quinteros, the event’s Brand Development Director. The special guests graced the runway in wheelchairs while adorned in elegant gowns. Hopefully, fashion designers will realize a woman can look just as good sitting in a dress as she can standing up.” Explains Deborah Grayson Carpenter, who is one of the wheelchair models, and is a former contestant of the Ms. Wheelchair Texas Pageant.


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