Angolan Venture Capital Fund FACRA to organise investment forum in Luanda

The event “FACRA Day” aims to guide entrepreneurs and enterprises to develop and expand their businesses successfully.

Luanda-Angola, 19th of January 2015: The Angolan Venture Capital Fund (FACRA) created by the Government of Angola will host a business event called “FACRA Day” on January 22, 2015, 9 am onwards at Hotel Tropico in Luanda. The objective of FACRA is to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and creation of qualified jobs for Angolans.

In the presence of the Hon. Minister of Economy, Dr. Abraham Gourgel, the FACRA Day will bring together local entrepreneurs to facilitate a better understanding and provide guidance to entrepreneurs and MSMEs on how FACRA can help Angolan businesses to grow.

The event reinforces the commitment of the Government of Angola, to strenghten the business community in Angola. The forum will involve FACRA experts, university lecturers, entrepreneurs, public and private institutions, members of the diplomatic community accredited in Angola, consultants, amongst others. Additionally,there will be two panel discussions on  “Venture Capital and its impact on emerging economies” and “FACRA as Venture Capital Fund and its procedures”.

Speaking at the event, Member of the Investment Committee FACRA Teodoro Jesus Poulson, stated, “It is necessary to boost local businesses by enhancing their knowledge of investments and granting them access to capital, thereby creating opportunities in various sectors of the local economy“


“The FACRA Day represents a key opportunity for national entrepreneurs to strengthen their investment capabilities, build trusted partnerships, thus meeting the challenges of growth and diversification of the Angolan economy.”


The FACRA Day will be the first of many initiatives planned by FACRA to promote interaction with the local business community with the overall objective of acting as a catalyst to economic diversifcation in Angola.



The Angolan Venture Capital Fund (FACRA) is a public fund, established persuant to Presidential Decree No. 108/12 of 7 June 2012, focused on investing in Micro, Small and Medium Angolan Enterprises (MSME); during their creation; innovation; and expansion of their business in Angola. FACRA offers the MSME a new investment platform and the opportunity to explore the large Angolan market, by expanding existing business or launching new initiatives.



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