Solar to play a unique role in the South African energy market

One of the key features of concentrated solar power (CSP) technology is the potential to operate with storage and provide a truly dispatchable renewable energy supply. With energy stability and supply a critical issue for South Africa, CSP is set to play a leading role in the energy mix.


South Africa’s energy supply is currently characterized by uncertainty and interruptions. There is not enough power supply to meet current demand. The national grid can get close to the border of power failure, a situation which repeatedly threatens to destabilize business and industry, and affects foreign investment.


Experts highlighted that renewable energies play a key role is South Africa’s energy mix. CSP is currently the only renewable technology that can store energy and dispatch at demand providing a unique advantage over other renewable energy technologies.


Innovations and new financial structures are bringing costs down and to help analyse the ways in which the CSP breaks down its costs, CSP Today has produced an exclusive guide on ‘CSP Cost Breakdown in South Africa’. Download the guide for free here:


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