4th Annual Advanced Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum (May 2015, Berlin)

Assess Business Opportunities and Lower Operational Costs through Effective Cost Reduction Techniques, Advanced Technology and Innovation

11th – 13th May 2015

Berlin, Germany

Website: http://www.bis-grp.com/business-events/energy/4th-annual-advanced-submarine-power-cable-forum

Fast growing oil & gas world consumption is forcing oilfield E&P companies to operate in deeper offshore environments to achieve better offshore renewable power generation. This along with higher demand for linking remote landmasses, interconnecting national grids is creating ever-growing demand for submarine cables. Navigant Research forecasts $33.8 billion in cumulative revenues within 10 years for this market.

BIS Group’s “Advanced Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum” will showcase analytical insights into how industry leaders are optimizing their performance, minimizing environmental impacts while optimizing cable protection, meet and keep up with increasing demands, explore new possibilities and market trends, analyze the risks and get an overview of current HVDC projects.

This two day intimate forum followed by half a day workshop is designed exclusively for senior executives, key experts and decision-makers in the industry. It is to discuss, brainstorm, share experience and partake in exclusive networking sessions in a flexible and dynamic platform – together shaping the future of the market.

Prices start at €2.799,-

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