Pet industry anticipates 8% annual growth

Euromonitor International estimates that by 2017, the value of the South African pet care market will reach US $744 million, on the back of an average annual growth rate of 8%. Despite an embattled economy the local pet care market has proven extremely resilient, with the continued popularity and growth of the World of Dogs & Cats and Pet Exhibition (WODAC PET EXPO) as further testament to this trend.

Research conducted among visitors to the 2014 WODAC PET EXPO supports this growth trend, revealing that 70% of attendees purchased products at the expo; 38% spent more than R500; and, proving the level of success that exhibitions can attain, 96.9% of visitors said they would visit the expo again. On average these individuals rated their experience at 8.5 out of 10.

This year WODAC PET EXPO hosts its 20th anniversary edition. This beloved expo is the foremost of its kind in Africa and will take place from 17-19 July 2015 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng.

In its two decades of introducing members of the public to new breeds of cats, dogs, horses and exotic pets, and promoting responsible pet ownership, the expo has yielded positive results for visitors and exhibitors alike.

Exhibitor Henk Jutte weighs in on what the expo has meant to the Complete Pet Food brand: “Complete Pet Food has been a part of the WODAC expo right from the very beginning. We have exhibited at every WODAC and the excellent exposure we have received has played a big part in the growth of our sales each year. WODAC is the place to be if you want to be noticed, build your brand, and be in direct contact with the purchasers of your products. Complete Pet’s slogan is ‘growing friendships’ and that is what WODAC enables us to do!”

Echoing this sentiment, expo organiser Brian Blades says, “Meeting, and therefore knowing and understanding your customers builds trust and loyalty.” WODAC PET EXPO offers precisely this opportunity; creating a platform to engage and giving exhibitors the opportunity to launch or showcase products and services, build brands, sell goods and to meet and build relationships with buyers in person. This expo traditionally attracts more than 22,000 passionate pet-lovers in just three days.

This year’s 20th Anniversary show will continue the expo’s fine tradition of hosting exciting arena attractions that include demonstrations, shows and competitions, as well as the popular Hall of Dogs, Hall of Cats, Equine Area, reptile exhibits, aquatic exhibits and more. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, new attractions are being added all the time, and at this juncture include, for the first time, the hosting of the National Baby Koi competition at the expo.

Whether you’re in the business of grooming them, schooling them, feeding them, treating them, boarding them or finding loving homes for pets, there’s a place for your business at WODAC PET EXPO. For expo enquiries contact Brian Blades on Tel: (031) 765 4286; email or visit for more information.


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