Mine Planning, Project Evaluation and Risk Management

In the next few years, Africa’s production of base and precious metals is set to grow with new mining projects. However, based on the previous years, the downturn in the global mining industry has shown that operational flexibility and strategic adaptability are critical to the long-term success of many mining projects. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and the associated Net Present Value (NPV) technicques have traditionally provided the major tools for the project evaluation. However, these techniques merely provide a static view of the project and, from a valuation perspective, largely disregard cash flows beyond a certain period.

Salvo Global’s 3-day intensive Masterclass on Mine Planning, Project Evaluation & Risk Management, which will be held on June 8-10, 2015 at Johannesburg, South Africa, will enable delegates to evaluate a mine project under conditions of geological and economic uncertainties in the face of uncertain events. The main goal of this course is to evaluate a mine project in order to minimise risks, and increase overall mine potential and project value.

The international expert course leader, Dr. Luis A. Martinez, will be leading this 3-day Masterclass. He is a mining engineer with over 20 years of experience in mine engineering, geostatistics, risk analysis, and project evaluation. Dr. Luis A. Martinez is the founder of Rompev Pty Ltd based in Queensland, Australia. He has presented and run advanced professional workshops/courses and mine project evaluation and related to the mining industry in Australia, Norway, Mongolia, Russia, Chile Peru and the Philippines.

With Dr. Martinez’s knowledge in the mining industry, delegates will learn techniques based on quantitative risk analysis and real option analysis that can complement traditional mine project evaluation techniques.

All Directors, Heads, Managers, Leads, Engineers, Executives, Officers from the following departments are invited to attend this Masterclass:
• Project Management
• Project Evaluation
• Mine Management
• Mine Design and Planning
• Mine Engineering
• Geology
• Exploration
• Resource Development
• Production
• Production Planning/Scheduling
• Operations
• Finance
• Risk Management
• Plant/Mill Operations
• Metallurgy
• Mining Support
• Mine Supervision
• Mining Research and Analysis
• Trading and Investment

This masterclass is suitable for professionals involved in mine planning, project evaluation and risk management, particularly in the following industries:

• Mining Companies

• Mining Support Services

• Technology

• Banking and Asset Management

• Consulting

• Government

To have an overview of the event, visit: http://salvoglobal.com/event/mine-planning-project-evaluation-and-risk-management-2/

Feel free to contact marketing@salvoglobal.com for more information about this Masterclass.

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