Are you ready for Google Algorithm Changes?

Google made changes to Google Algorithm that has major impact on business. First it is very good news to consumers. As from the 21st of April, how mobile friendly your website is will play a major role in terms of how it’s ranked. All websites that are not mobile friendly will be ranked lower. What it means is that companies that are not mobile friendly will lose almost about a third of the searches. That will inevitably have a knock on effect on business.

With over two thirds of fortune 100 companies considered not mobile friendly and only over a third of FTSE 100 considered mobile friendly, many African companies are essentially caught up in the same situation as well. Companies across the globe are scrambling to make their websites mobile optimum. Companies that will be affected most if they are not mobile friendly are those who rely on online sales particularly retailers.

Some people might be asking why this change, the answer is economics. According to Decision Fuel and On Device Research 2014, outside UK and US, mobile searches accounts to 60% of all Web searches. That same report also notes that young people are likely to purchase financial, entertainment and physical goods via mobile.

Source; Decision Fuel and On Device Research 2014

Source; Decision Fuel and On Device Research 2014

Africa is relying more and more on mobile phones because of several reasons such as lack of infrastructure and unaffordable broadband costs. African business should be welcoming this move by Google because it puts the continent at par with the rest of the world. Below is the graph of mobile usage in Africa;

Source; Digital World Resources

Once your website is mobile optimum, your ranking will automatically be upgraded.

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