Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) the Extravagance of Ethiopia

The highway from Addis Abeba leading south-east takes you all the way to the small bustling town – Bishoftu. It is also known as Debre Zeit situated 22 minutes away from the capital city. The luxurious popular weekend getaway offers breathtaking beaches and mountains generating unforgettable experiences. The walk around the lake offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the forest on the crater rim provides access to a great variety of birds and wildlife view.

The 3000 meter high mount Zequala has a beautiful crater lake from below allowing a view of the surrounding village from the top. Nearby natural wonders include Mount Yerer, Green Crater Lake and Lake Hora Kiloli. It is a beach town known for five crater lakes Bishoftu, Hora, Koriftu, Green Crater and Cheleklaka. Home to the Ethiopian Airforce, Harar Meda Airport and the Addis Abeba-Djibouti railway station, the town is an important political and leisure destination.

When to visit

If you enjoy quiet time in front of the lakes, the best time to visit Bishoftu is during weekdays just to avoid the busy weekend. The fresh breath of the clear air and sunny weather condition warmly accepts visitors all year round.

What to Expect

Bishoftu is famous due to the large number of extravagant hotels, cottages and resorts attracting local and international visitors. Escape to one of Ethiopia’s fabulous, affordable trendy beach resorts where the room rates will put you at ease. It is very common to see honeymooners and businessmen spending relaxing time. Foreigners also find  bliss experiencing the epitome of  a true adventure. It is a central location to meet people who drive the economy of the capital city. People of Bishoftu are friendly always waving a welcoming gesture to every visitor. The freshly squeezed fresh fruit juices are one of the unique features of the destination that one cannot have enough of. The hot spring resort Sodere not only offers the healing  spring, hiking trail and Olympic-size swimming pool but also close-up view of  crocodiles, hippos, several birds, and monkeys.

How to Travel Within

Travel is very easy and safe. With the help of map and  direction from people, it is adventurous to explore the entire wonders of Bishoftu without hiring a tour guide. Residents prefer to go home early leaving the town to those who love walking during evening times.

Hotels offers you several luxurious hotels and resorts with spectacular lake views and odyssey of Bishoftu. The classic stunning accommodations offer different attractive price ranges which  you can book now to get best negotiated price and guaranteed booking.

What to Wear

The rumbling waves and all year round sunny weather condition completely immersed in nature creates a great combination which allows visitors to wear their choice clothing without worrying about the weather.

Must Pack

It is good to pack swimming gear to avoid paying more at hotel or resort shops.

Fun Fact

Catch a glimpse of the local horse cart transport where you will have the gallop of a lifetime. Frolicking with the turtles that do not shy away is the unique adventure of the place.

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