Digital Marketing Trends and its Impact on Businesses

Although the online marketing industry is complex and unpredictable, it’s one of the modern trends that have proved to be effective and efficient in sending out valuable messages to targeted audience. New hardware and software applications flourish  and create opportunities for businesses to be competitive and appealing to new markets thus strengthening their reputation as industry frontrunners.

Digital channels and social networks are replacing traditional offline marketing. Online marketing has gained momentum allowing companies to assemble data which would be useful for the business’ virtual presence thereby opening up to reach potential customers outside of general business hours. To this, video promotions with social media channels such as YouTube, FaceBook and Bing offer broad range platforms which provide limitless promotion opportunities.

Businesses benefit from online visibility with dedicated mobile optimized sites that can function in more accessible and convenient ways. Mobile-focused online marketing is overtaking desktop and creating a new level of optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are highly popular strategies generating traffic for business sites. Digital marketing trends develop and dictate online reputation and sales with a proactive approach. Following such online reviews and managing the impact on business is pivotal. This has become popular through the increased number of companies specialising exclusively in online reputation management.

On the other hand, producing content that is easily accessible to the increasing number of mobile users will be an absolute key to success. Most social media users access social platforms through a variety of mobile devices and this number is predicted to grow as online sales involving tablets and smartphones are also rapidly increasing. Blog creation is another vital point for digital marketing. The quantity approach is replaced by quality with in-depth information.  Failure to update contents on websites and social media will force customers to shift to other competitors who are updating their content. This requires business to become more creative in providing non promotional and interesting content indirectly prompting their services offering useful and informative content.

Similarly, customer marketing has quite an impact online with more companies creating customer-based programs that not only accelerate customer acquisition but also satisfy customer needs.  Conversation rate optimisation (CRO) which is the process that maximizes the number of website visitors is one that allows companies to reach marketing targets. This sort of practice helps marketers to determine which elements of the page or layout produce the highest number of conversions and adjust their focus.

Social marketing and conversion campaign is to generate leads in the form of likes and shares ensuring promotion that is entertaining and relevant posts to each platform.

“It’s time to start thinking about how digital trends can be adopted in marketing strategies as people cannot purchase a product or service if they can’t find it.” Social e-commerce will give business the long-awaited ability to attach concrete revenue metrics to their social media activity.” Alexander Burtenshaw, Country Manager of Ethiopia said.

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