Smart Phones Surpassing Desktop Online Transactions

In this competitive technology era, new mobile devices are released that are more efficient than the ones which precede it. The time has come for smartphones and tablets to handle almost all buying and selling activities.

Gone are the days when buying and selling had to be done the old way requiring physical presence of the buyer and the seller. Smartphones with increased processing power, better battery life, vastly improved networking speeds as well as larger screen sizes have accelerated the shift away from the giant computer.

The use of personal computers has been on a downward trend for the past few years as penetration of smartphones continues to increase. Tablets are replacing the need for a notebook for a number of tech-forward users while mobile devices with larger screens are taking the place of tablets. Mobile devices are capable of performing almost every task that were once restrained to PCs.

For many people in Ethiopia, a smartphone is their first computer and their only internet connected device. They use their cell phones for mobile payments, for getting political, health, and consumer information and for social networking. With affordable prices for some smartphones, people who have never before been able to afford a technology device now own one and it fits in their pocket! A majority of households in Addis Ababa are also choosing to get rid of their landline phones and use mobile phones due to its convenience and portability.

On the other hand, mobile devices are dominating on online booking with more and more online bookings completed on a mobile device. Mobile banking also represents the largest transaction compared to desktop. It’s projected that mobile will gain more popularity over desktops attracting more users with improved services. Similarly, mobile travel apps continue picking up momentum, such as Hotels Booking app on Android devices and app on iOS. Mobile booking has been the preferred platform with growing number of downloads and booking through mobile devices.

Nowadays, most people access the internet and stream news through mobile apps than through computers. Tech experts believe this has a lot to do with the evolution of smartphones and tablets which are more user-friendly and cheaper even in African markets.

By Eden Sahle

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