Entertaining things you can buy in Ethiopia with a dollar

A dollar doesn’t give you luxury, but it can still buy more fun things. Jovago Africa’s leading online hotel booking company surfed the Ethiopian market and stopped by across Africa stores to track down some of the best purchase’s a dollar can give you.

Africa is the best place to find a great value of a dollar. Almost everywhere in the continent you can get a bunch of socks, gallon of fuel, bread, airtime, public transportation thicket, meals and road side snacks.

In some African countries such as Ethiopia a dollar can buy you plenty of items at the capital city Addis Ababa. The four round thicket of metro ride, 40 hours of parking space, a gallon of milk, air for your tire, two scoops of ice-cream, hair wash in salon, freshly squeezed juices and kilo of organic fruits.  The same amount can buy a plate of Ndole in Cameroon, a bottle of Baobab juice in Senegal, 2 liters of fuel in Nigeria, serving of Kachumbari and a bowl of Attiéké in Ivory Coast.

Infographic Dollar across Africa (.pdf)

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By Eden Sahle

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