Cozy Places for your Valentine

On this Valentine’s Day, escape all distractions and indulge in a romantic getaway at a luxury hotel and resorts in Ethiopia. Whether you choose to say “I love you” overlooking global heritages or “propose” in the country of great adventure, Jovago Africa’s foremost online hotel booking company list out destinations that will have couples falling in love all over again.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, most are looking for the perfect romantic restaurants and hotels to take their significant other. If you live in or near Ethiopia, you are in luck because there are a number of places in this area that gear their décor, food, and ambience towards romance. Whether you’re looking for a cozy restaurants or a fancy five star dining experience there are plenty of choices to pick from.


Escape to Debre Zeit and Hawassa luxuries lodges and hotels. The lodges have a quiet and relaxing setting, combined with its antique-furnished suites completed with fireplaces it’s the ultimate hideaway for couples. The hotels restaurants and room are flecked with panoramic views of the surrounding waters and is offering couples a chance to pre-order whatever they want to eat on their romantic date.

Couples can celebrate their love with the special day package at hotels around Addis Ababa from champagne and chocolate to a hot air balloon ride, enjoy all of the makings of a romantic escapade. Collaborating with hotels, Jovago offers 14% discount use the code LOVE14 when booking a hotel through Jovago until 15th of February for exclusive keepsake for those who are out for unforgettable adventure in Ethiopia.

Nestled at the foot of the the horn of Africa wing, Ethiopia which imbeds cross-cultural civilizations from North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East offering a lot more for history buffs amongst other for perfect romantic escape for those seeking both plush accommodations and sightseeing. Ethiopia’s landscape and admirable weather conditions makes it quite attractive.  The four streams of the Blue Nile creates a magnificent wonder. Lake Tana, the source of Blue Nile River which meets the White Nile River in neighboring Sudan supplying 85% of water to Great Nile River forms an attractive spectacle in the land of Ethiopia. The view of the river’s powerful waterfalls leaves romantic travelers with a timeless experience.


Several hotels located in these historical land are one of a kind find. Enjoy a walk through the immaculate gardens and architectures before dinner. Everything around here is eclectic and unique and the ambience is magical. The location wows visitors with its spectacular views of both nature and skilled creations of world heritages.

The high altitude of Ethiopian lands (Simien and Bale Mountains) constitutes 70% of African mountains being one of the finest places in the world for climbers. The mountains as high as 4,620 meters above sea level are full of life even at its top, indigenous people and wild animals live far from the rest of the world. The mountains provide a fresh cold breath giving a sensation that you are on top of the world giving your valentine day a perfect escaped.

For those looking for a truly unique experience for Valentine’s Day, Ethiopian Restaurants are great options. The food is exclusive and delicious, often requiring you to eat with your hands. The ambience and interior of the restaurant are just as unique as the food with colorful basket-weaved tables and traditional Ethiopian décor. The restaurants also provide live entertainment. These are romantic selections that won’t break the bank. They offer daily specials and only feature the freshest ingredients in their menu all served in an intimate setting.

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