Connect Socially Through Radiovybe

With the social networking platform growing stronger every passing day across the world, one of the big contributors in this space is RadioVybe. This a social network platform for radio listeners that uses creative approaches to solving the problem of radio fans locked in or limited to terrestrial radio stations within their geographic locations.

To elaborate, RadioVybe is a social community of radio lovers that allows you to socially connect with your favourite traditional radio stations and also friends. It is built to revolutionize the way we listen to radio stations and music. As such, it offers exciting radio stations from all over the world; allows you to be part of the ‘On Air’ programme of any radio station you are listening to; make your contributions on the radio station’s wall; or even make a live radio request using a Shoutbox irrespective of your geographic location.

The objective of RadioVybe is to become the voice of any community with the belief that it can help build a better world if we know more about our different cultures, common global issues and freely share our opinions about it. The web app gives exposure to broadcasting stations and allows them to reach new frontiers globally. This gives RadioVybe users the opportunity to listen to radio broadcasts on their mobile phones and also share photos and comments.

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