Making Coal Fired Plants Green

Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia, otherwise known as SETA, is an exhibition and conference developed specifically for international, government and industry discussions and collaboration on developing sustainable energy policies for the region’s future economic development. This year marks the inaugural years of this exhibition and conference.

While the issues discussed at this exhibition and conference are not unique to Thailand, many of the topics focused on this nation’s primary energy demand, which currently ranks second among ASEAN nations. Further, Thailand’s energy consumption is set to rise by 75% over the next twenty years as the economy continues to expand.

One of the most interesting topics discussed at SETA 2016 was how to reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of coal fired plants. A case study on this topic was shared by Mr. Ajit Nambiar, Vice President of Power and Gas Sales for Siemens Pte Ltd, Singapore. Mr. Nambiar demonstrated to all those in attendance exactly how to go about optimizing combustion with the use of laser absorption spectroscopy technology. He noted that this innovative and economical solution, developed by Siemens, has already been successfully tested at a coal fired power plant in the United Kingdom.

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