Learn How to Mitigate and Manage Reputation Risk – The Nr.1 Risk in the world 18 – 19 April in Johannesburg

Deon Binneman, the international Reputation Management speaker and trainer known as the Reputation Go-to Guy will facilitate a

Reputation Risk Management Master Class on April 18 – 19 at the Hotel Apollo in Randburg, Johannesburg that will show how to mitigate and manage Reputation Risk – the Nr. 1 risk in the world.

Worldwide reputation risk is seen as the highest-order risk and most dangerous to organizations, because of its volatility and unpredictability. Part of the problem is that some regard it as a strategic risk whilst others see it as a consequence of a risk.

The way an organization defines it and plans for it, will have a material impact on how it will be mitigated and treated. Because reputation risk is volatile, unpredictable and often unquantifiable, it often happens that; what an organization regards as a small incident or issue, erupts and has a major impact, because stakeholders viewed it differently.

Understanding the systemic interplay of factors is vital in understanding this risk.

With studies repeatedly showing a clear business case for managing reputation, there has also been a realization that damage to the company’s reputation is incredibly difficult to anticipate, manage and prevent. Often it is only when a reputation incident severely damages the credibility of the organization or one of its brands, or its standing in the eyes of key stakeholders, that the potentially catastrophic consequences of not adequately managing reputation risk becomes apparent. Unfortunately, at that point, the damage has already been done.

Studies of organizations that have badly handled reputation events or crises, have identified long term irreparable damage to share price, market share and brand value

A successful reputation risk strategy should, therefore, have two simple objectives – to prevent the factors that can damage your reputation, and to minimize the impact if despite your best endeavours – a reputation crisis should occur.

This program will provide you with a holistic, comprehensive and proven methodology for minimizing and mitigating reputation risk.

To register online, visit http://www.deonbinneman.com/reprisk/

More information on Reputation Risk, visit www.deonbinneman.com

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