AFER Forum 2016 African Forum of Renewable Energies

The City of Marrakech will host, on July 15th & 16th, the first edition of the African Forum for Renewable Energies “AFER Forum 2016”.

AFER Forum 2016 accredited COP22, is involved in a difficult economic and ecological context that concerns us all. This is an event that mobilizes a hundred speakers, from Morocco, the rest of Africa and the world.

This first edition, presented under the theme “Renewable Energy for development of the African continent: Issues and Perspectives”, aims to be a hub for exchange and sharing of experiences between actors specialized in renewable energy and a platform of renewable energy in Africa.

Renewable energy will be treated as environmental emergencies, as well as investment opportunities to be encouraged and promoted.

Experts, government officials, economic and social actors, are given an appointment in Marrakesh to discuss the importance of renewable energies in the development of the African continent. The topic chosen for this first edition comes within the framework of Morocco’s commitment in favor of the environment, and all its efforts to strengthen and promote South-South cooperation.

This first edition offers 8 thematic sessions and several panel discussions and workshops … Experience sharing, project proposals and testimonials from Morocco and elsewhere.

The main goal, among many, is to create links and synergies between several African countries that share the same ambitions, but also the same energy concerns. The main themes of this first edition will focus on the COP 22 African energy transition, the electrification of Africa, Agriculture, Women and Child…

The AFER Forum is also an event that offers several spaces B to B for funders, investors, project development, institutions, public and private companies, associations and organizations. The potential of the forum is the ability to socialize B to B, B to G and targeted PPP to promote direct contacts and developing partnerships; in addition, it is going to value their expertise with professionals of the sector to be up to date within the sector.

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