15,000 Entrepreneurs gather for SAGE Summit 2016

From July 25 – 28th, SAGE is glad to host over 15,000 business owners and entrepreneurs of all background around the world for their annual Sage Summit. The summit which is organized by Sage will be held in Chicago. Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems, supporting the ambition of the world’s entrepreneurs. Sage began as a small business in the UK 30 years ago and over 13000 colleagues now support millions of entrepreneurs across 23 countries as they power the global economy.

Notwithstanding, the summit also include a marvelous experience sharing moments where the gurus in the world of business builders, traders, and entrepreneurs.  This year, the Sage Summit will have a dedicated series of events for millennial to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, building on Sage’s commitment to invest in programmes to give this group of talent the right business foundations.

For this year also, Sage Summit is looking forward to bring out exceptional new products, technologies, partnerships and services to the attendees of the ongoing Sage Summit. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Stephen Kelly, will make these announcements through his keynote speech.

Joining Stephen Kelly for Keynote Speech at the summit is Gwyneth Paltrow, Oscar Winning Actress; Zooey Deschanel – actress, singer-songwriter, and cofounder of HelloGiggles; Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO of Herjavec Group; Daymond John, Founder/CEO of FUBU, Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship; Yancey Strickler, cofounder and CEO of Kickstarter; and other reputable successful business men.

More so, the gathering of the partners, customers and colleagues of Sage for this year’s summit is programmed to lionize the strength of the global community of business entrepreneurship while promoting knowledge sharing and networking.

Sage Summit is being supported by Microsoft, Fairsail, Scanforce, U.S. Bank, Salesforce, and Website Pipeline, Aatrix, Acom Solutions, Altec, Certify, Edisoft, Expensify, Kimble, Nextec, One, Vertex, ZAP. If youre unfortunate to attend the conference then you can get all keynotes and other activities via http://bit.ly/29N0zbE.

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