Cloud Computing Setting Pace in Businesses

It has been acknowledged globally that cloud computing works out as the most cost effective and reliable. Although several changes need to be done for existing companies to make this possible, cloud computing has set a pace  for most companies, allowing easy communication and transfer of documents and files to increase productivity and efficiency.

Business Management Solution providers are being forced to kick out old systems of Business Management strategies and solutions to ally with the new tech systems which integrates of social, mobile, analytics and cloud under one common platform for employers and employees in business. This is a new dawn and service providers themselves needs upgrade in order to meet requirement and demands of their clients.

Following the launch on Ultrabook and Chromebook laptops, it seems the situation is getting much better with more young adults and some aged tech enthusiasts keeping their secret and cherished documents, picture, and other media via cloud storage. Regardless of the security threats that faces cloud storage, there is a growing interest and usage of this system of storage. Engaging youth groups on the issue of cloud storage, it appears most of them are just skeptics of hacking and imply believes that once they keep a “long” and “hard-to-break” password, their files are secured. On the other hand, tech enthusiasts expressed a level of fear with keeping confidential documents and private files via cloud.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn was hacked and thousands of personal information of clients were vulnerable of which LinkedIn was able to resolve the situation and publish all hacked accounts for immediate change of password and other information. Regardless of the threat of hackers and others spying on you once they have your password, tech enthusiasts express the high level of benefits associated with cloud storage of which the leading benefit has to do with accessibility everywhere at any time.

“I prepared my CV and a sample cover letter and stored it via a cloud storage platform using my laptop. Now whenever there is a need to put in any application for personal development, it does not really matter where I might be – vacation, or field trip, I just need internet connectivity and I can just retrieve these documents, edit and apply. That’s so convenient”, said a Mac Pro Book user in Africa. Cloud computing has grown to become one of the best methods for businesses with desire to furbish up their IT infrastructure, to be productive, and to be more efficient while saving cash.

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