“Myfinda” App the new charter to you business

On 24th August, 2016: Finda Mobile Application Limited launched a new mobile app “Myfinda”; first search engine developed in Kenya.

The event was held at Crowne Plaza in Upper hill  graced by the secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology Dr Catherine Gateo, Hon. Johnson Sakaja who was the special guest among other guests. “Myfinda” app was clearly portrayed as a platform of creating visibility, increase of market and bringing of synergy between businesses. “The aim purpose of “Myfinda” is simple to make the Kenyan local business visible and accessible” Maliha Sheikh explained. She also added that it is a search engine for businesses that are legally registered.

 She passionately credited the great innovators of technology and them that advance it, saying they make life easier and accessible. Hon. Johnson Sakaja also credited Kenyan for their great efforts to being in the front line in the advancing the technological advancement. Hon. Johnson Sakaja said that Kenyans were doing a credible job being in the front line with the rest of the world in the field of technological advancement

“Myfinda” is an app that is aimed in bridging the gap between the consumer and the seller. It is a mobile business directory that enables businesses increased visibility and market. It is interactive to the user as it also has easy access to timely information like, jobs, fashion, and currency among others. The app was activated in January 2016 and it has far register over 400 businesses with at least 5000, downloads.

“Myfinda” is a product that is applicable to not only large capital businesses but to average businesses and consumers of different products and services as well. Businesses enjoy the benefit of pocket friendly visibility as the subscriptions range from as little as Ksh 1500/ to a maximum of Kshs 6,000/ per annum. There are different package, basic, bronze, silver and gold with different added values.

 “Our paid subscription makes your business to be a step ahead to increasing your reach, clientele and revenue”, said Maliha Sheikh. To top it up payment method of “myfinda” app range from mobile money transfer (Mpesa, Airtel Money) to use of credit cards. The product also enables a registered Business to know how many hits it gets via the control panel.

Businesses can easily register by logging in to www.myfinda.co.ke. The launch of “Myfinda” presented business people with a new platform that will expand their market horizons and be at a competitive advantage.

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