E-Commerce Sector Experiencing Steady Growth in South Africa

Electronic commerce has become the order of the 21st century lifestyle, as stated in one of my previous reports. The sector is boosting businesses and assisting many ‘busy scheduled’ individuals to purchase all their products and services without having to walk to shops and offices.

The situation is the same in almost every part of the world – e-commerce is quick developing. Initially described as electronic trading without any physical meeting with the trader or seller via electronic means, today e-commerce is one of the largest means of trading in developed and developing – if not the largest. Gradually, digital trade and e-commerce is phasing out television, radio, and print media (magazines, brochures, etc) advertisement.

In South Africa, the e-commerce sector is steadily developing with about 7 per cent of people in higher LSM categories resorting to internet market, according to Nielsen statistics. However, the relatively slow growth can be attributed to the hurdle of high internet connection and associated expensive data charges which comes along with online marketing. As there are many benefits to online store shoppers, including time saving, reviews, discounts, and others, not everyone feels secured shopping online.

The competition is high over the internet for many markets and there are really good offers but the challenge for most skeptics is the security of their personal and accounts information. That is a risk! The opportunity exists here for retailers who can create a versatile and user-friendly online/mobile platform that is not only simple to use, but layered with the necessary security.

Conversely, with every online business wanting you, more and more coupons and deals can’t be avoided, which are totally great for customers. With major sites that act as department store, you may find items up to 80% off! Early next year, from 22 – 23 February, the eCommerce Africa Confex 2017 will be happening at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The conference will provide insight and solutions to existing hurdles in the e-commerce sector in South Africa and beyond.

With so much options, users are having multiple choices and a variety of information available to them. Consumers are actually defining their own tastes and wants, quite often through the larger effect of social media. Globally, social media users are on the path of growth – with an expectation of over 2.5 billion by 2018. Additionally, it is projected social media users will spend one third of time on online social networks.

South Africans have not yet fully embraced online shopping, but this is anticipated to change swiftly as consumer behavior is progressive, informed, assertive and flourishing via mobile technology. The eCommerce Africa Confex 2017 will provide consumer trends from some reputable companies including Kevin Tucker, Managing Director, PRICECHECK; Amanda Cromhout, CEO, TRUTH; Gary Hadfield, CEO, LOOT.CO.ZA; and Stefan Eckbergh, CEO, TRAVELSTART.

36th GITEX Technology Week
16-20 October
Dubai World Trade Centre

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