Morocco’s Maiden Online Education Platform to Exhibit at GITEX 2016

Education is a very important aspect of our current generation and no one can do away with that. In less developed counties and middle income countries, number of school enrollment keeps increasing with more schools doing their best to upgrade to modern technological innovations that facilitates easier learning processes.

In Morocco, a mobile app is doing a great trick for many students. The is an e-learning platform that allows students to be more autonomous and secure their academic success. The application is a maiden education platform in the country and it has more than 60,000 students registered each year. project which is partnered with Samsung and preinstalled on all Samsung tablets in Morocco offers great educational services for courses including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Annajah will be attending the 2016 GITEX.  The innovative application on the platform conforms fully to the Moroccan program and students can easily progress at their own pace.

The ICT sector has been driving change in many industries and sectors of business. Accordingly, the sector is currently receiving so much attention in terms of investments. To spotlight great tech initiative advances, GITEX has been organizing series of technology week celebrations at different locations which attracts IT experts, investors, software developers, and other tech enthusiast to meet up, network, share and learn new developments in the field of Information Technology and associated innovations.

This year Annajah will be there to showcase their innovation. The application is very user friendly and offers diverse methods of payments including: Credit cards, money transfers, and cheques.

36th GITEX Technology Week
16-20 October
Dubai World Trade Centre

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