Vodafone Zambia secures business in Internet services

Mobile Broadband Zambia Limited, trading as Vodafone Zambia, has secured some business with Necor Zambia Limited in the provision of high speed internet services.

In the past, Necor Zambia Limited used services of the Zambia Telecommunication Company (ZAMTEL) in cafes in Ndola and several other locations.

Other services offered by Necor Zambia Limited are lessons in basic computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

Necor Zambia also offers mobile money transfer and sells electricity units for electronic  pre-paid meters on behalf of the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation.

A Check in Ndola found that Necor Zambia’s was using services of Vodafone Zambia, a new entrant in Zambia’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

A worker at Necor Zambia said that the company was in the process of changing the system from ZAMTEL, a state-owned company, to one being offered by Vodafone Zambia.

He claimed that the Internet that Vodafone Zambia offered was high speed compared to other service providers.

Zambia Information Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), a regulator of ICTs, has issued a statement clarifying that Vodafone has not entered mobile voice services  market.

 “The Authority wishes to reassure members of the public that it has not issued a licence permitting any entity other than MTN, Airtel and ZAMTEL to provide voice services to the public,” states the ZICTA statement.

Two licences that have been offered to Vodafone Zambia are a class network (wireless internet) and another one in class service (internet).

“Mobile Broadband Zambia Limited’s scope of operations and service offering are therefore strictly limited to provision of mobile data services and not voices services,” further states  a statement issued by ZICTA.

Those two licences will enable Mobile Broadband Zambia Limited to construct a data network and also provide data services to members of the public.

ZICTA has also clarified that Vodafone Zambia is not Vodacom, which does not have a licence to operate in any of the ICT services in Zambia.

Vodafone Zambia has also rolled out cheap home packs for internet and lower prices for data bundles compared ZAMTEL, MTN Zambia and Airtel.

ZAMTEL and the two private companies have been established in mobile and data services for a long time.


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