The Reputation Go-to Guy releases a Crisis Management Toolkit


Deon Binneman a-ka the Reputation Go-to Guy has released a Crisis Management Toolkit designed to assist and equip management teams to anticipate, prepare for, and manage potential crises.

A Business crisis is a situation or incident that has occurred within a company, business or organization that may cause potential harm and damage reputation.

All organizations, businesses and companies are at risk of a crisis situation. For this reason, it is very important to be prepared! Being prepared may help eliminate stress and chaos during a real life crisis situation and will allow the company to plan potential reactions and responses to deliver to their stakeholders and the media, ahead of time. Most importantly, companies must react to the situation effectively in order to maintain their brand image and the trust of their consumers.

There are two issues critical to manage a crisis and that is to understand that there are the realities of the situation to deal with as well as the perceptions that are created during a crises.

Crises are a part of doing business. Handled well, they demonstrate to a company’s stakeholders that the business puts people before profits, truth before denial and spin. When a crisis is handled poorly, it can escalate to a point of no return.

What a company says and how it reacts and respond in a crisis will either instil confidence and trust or irreparably damage relationships and business dealings.

Crises management is defined as the ability of an organisation to deal quickly, efficiently, and effectively with contingency operations with the goal of reducing the threat to human health and safety, the loss of public or corporate property, adverse impact on normal Business continuance, and damage to its good name – it’s Reputation. That ability or capability comes from having a well-thought out blueprint – a a blueprint or plan of what to do and what to say and not say in a crisis.

Few circumstances test a company’s reputation or competency as severely as a crisis. Regardless of a businesses’ size, reputation or industry, crises cause immense pressure threatening a company’s reputation and its ability to conduct business. Therefore, a coordinated approach to crisis management and preparedness can help a business towards an effective, well-managed crisis response retaining a favorable impression and renewed confidence in the company. This coordinated approach starts with having a well-thought out Crisis Management & Crisis Response plan. The writing, design and development of such a plan is a crucial management function.

The key to handling crises is to always be ready ahead of time for the storm that is always on the horizon. This must-have crisis toolkit will equip crisis incident controllers and  communicators with the skills to set the tone for managing the situation.

Many organisations cannot afford the luxury of having a full-time Crisis Manager on board. This however does not absolve the institution should a crisis occur. Stakeholders expect companies today to be ready to handle crises in – real-time and to readily communicate and keep stakeholders informed. Businesses who cope successfully with crises are normally businesses who have a predetermined plan of action including communication response plans in place.

The toolkit bundle consists of step by step guidelines on how to write a crisis management and communication response plan, planning templates, checklists AND all the training materials needed to equip a management team with the necessary competencies (Knowledge, skills and attitudes) to manage crises successfully).

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