What makes Ethiopia a must see of the planet?

Although you might have heard it countless times let us remind you about the sophistication of Ethiopia that makes the country a must see of the planet. Ethiopia is truly full of wonderful and breathtaking places that you must see in lifetime says Jumia Travel.

Ethiopia imbeds cultural civilization from North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East allowing you to get several continent cross cultural values in one place in the ancient country known as Ethiopia. For history buffs, for hikers, for adventures and daring destinations explorers, the country has everything that perfectly suites and fulfils travelers demands.  From its admirable warm season all year long to its exquisite sights it’s one of a kind destination that wows every expectation.

The longest river Blue Nile is a massive grace for Ethiopian landscape with a powerful waterfall which offers nature’s striking creations. Lake Tana, Langano and Wenchi are few of the many refreshing fresh waters suitable for swimming and cruising. The high-rise mountains which constitutes 70% of African mountains are just the perfect spots for climbers who are out to experience nature’s magnificent creations. The best part of the mountains are they are full of life once up in the top you will meet farmers and their families who are hospitable and welcoming allowing you freely explore their territories. From their unique life style, dressing to haircut they portray a natural beauty existed for centuries.

If you are out for daring adventures visiting one of the harshest locations including a fire lake then you have come to the right place. The northern part of Ethiopia shows you a fire lake called Erta Ale which bubbles from 125 meters below sea level. If you truly need to visit this place you better hurry because scientists are predicting that this fire lake is slowly splitting Africa to form an ocean in near future. Although it’s good to come back for the ocean when it’s created the fire lake is not be missed. How about the next extreme landscape called Dallol one of the lowest points in African continent lying deep 116 below sea level. This place features an extreme version of hot desert climate overheating all year around. The white and yellow color sparkling salt peaks of the place not only creates colorful floor but it’s also photogenic.

If you just love to admire ancient architectures and obelisks here again there are plenty places to explore. The ancient architectures of the country portrayed at Lalibela, Gondar castles and churches hewn from gigantic rocks within the earth are few of globally registered heritages that will take your breath away. There is also another stunner world heritage of monolithic obelisk in Aksum erected back in between the 300 AD standing as high as 82 feel.

If you also love tradition and unique culture which are coupled with great parks; you will definitely delight in Ethiopia. The place called Omo valley in Southern part of Ethiopia features hard to believe tradition and way of life meeting the people who stayed true to their culture. Witnessing their exclusive way of life and marriage ceremonies where men go through ritual bloody fight with the strongest man in the community, jumping over several lined up Bull without any cloth to prove their brevity and capacity to get married is an amazing culture to witness. Undauntedly it will make you question your previous experiences where you thought people were truly making sacrifice to marry their love.

By Eden Sahle she can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com

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