Digital transformation in Africa: Real change requires a fundamental shift

Global markets are being disrupted by an accelerating pace of technological change, and Africa is close behind. Digital transformation has entered an era of unprecedented change for enterprises, and real change requires a fundamental shift across processes, functions, customer engagement and many other aspects of business. Frost & Sullivan will be discussing these insights at its seventh consecutive Growth, Innovation and Leadership Africa (GIL 2017: Africa) summit, taking place on 17 August 2017 at The Table Bay Hotel, in Cape Town.

“Today, more than ever, it has become imperative for organisations to develop and implement concrete digital strategies to tap into African opportunities. The potential is enormous, but a ROI based approached is critical to ensure practical initiatives meet Africa where it is at,” says Hendrik Malan, Partner and Operations Director at Frost & Sullivan Africa. “Growing expectations from digitally empowered customers require enterprises to align their digital business strategies with their core business strategies.”

The summit will commence with a keynote address on Digital Transformation – The New Strategic Imperative, presented by Dorman Followwill, Senior Partner at Frost & Sullivan.
Following the keynote, Sneha S. Shah, Managing Director for Africa at Thomson Reuters, will share her insights on how Africa can benefit from Global Volatility, amid a knowledge revolution. Dr. Ryan Noach, Deputy CEO of Discovery Health, will present a different perspective on how Africa’s largest health insurance group deployed digitization throughout the continent.

In the afternoon session, the audience will have the opportunity to select between 5 Think Tanks, share best practices on technologies, strategy, and process, and discuss pertinent issues with major stakeholders that are driving the future of Africa:

· Chemicals, Manufacturing and Food: The Impact of Digitalization on Agribusiness.
· Digital Transformation of the Automobile Industry: Applications in the Value Chain
· The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Public Sector.
· Going Digital Creates Benefits and Efficiencies for Power and Water Sectors, but is there a Downside?
· The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Healthcare Industry.

“We are extremely proud to be hosting the Growth Innovation Leadership (GIL) summit,” states Birgitta Cederstrom, Global Commercial Director of GIL at Frost & Sullivan. “The event provides the context needed to seize potential opportunities for growth through discussions and collaboration with key stakeholders across a number of industry sectors. The audience will find the industry Think Tanks particularly useful in effectively benchmarking and reinforcing strategies that C-level executives and their management teams can use to reach new levels of success.”

The day’s proceedings will be followed by the illustrious 2017 Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Awards Banquet, which acknowledges companies that have demonstrated excellence within their industry.

GIL 2017: Africa
The Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa
17 August, 2017
Programme –

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