2017 Tourism Trends That Will Go Strong in the Coming Year

Ready to build on the travel trends taking center stage at the turn of the year? Take a keen look on the new zeal for experience versus destination, the core meaning of enjoying the journey as much as the destination. Now partnering more than 30,000 hotels across Africa, travel experts from Jumia Travel offer some of the leading trends that are bound to grow in 2018.

Explorer’s Camp River Nile, Jinja – Uganda

Nose Deep! Cultural immersion

It’s all about diving into the culture, to learn and to share as well as to experience firstly the people’s’ way of life. This trend has grown immensely, partly because travelers are leaning more towards authentic experiences and being part of it by getting involved and because stakeholders such as UNWTO have created several awareness campaigns that encourage tourists to become part of the experience. The changing attitude is commendable, and this trend is here to grow.

Bon Appétit! For Culinary indulgence

Now going under the trendy hashtag, #culinary tourism or gastronomic tourism, the pursuit for memorable edible experiences has also withered the buzz stage and evolved into a world recognized tourist pool and attraction. The growing interest in food and wine tourism also presents grand opportunities to experience culture firsthand through getting involved in the various stages of cooking. For instance, wine and chocolate pairing in South Africa’s Northern Cape region is a big deal attraction, just as the nyama choma and kachumbari experience in Kenya.

Treasure Hunt! Virgin Expeditions

Taleb Rifai, the UNWTO Secretary is quoted as saying, “Tourism: growth is not the enemy; it’s how we manage it that counts”. This was in response to the growing concern of over-tourism in world’s popular destinations, therefore devaluing the natural resources in the given location. However, while impressive numbers still trot to the seven wonders of the world, a growing interest in less-beaten-path is observed, especially in less known, less served areas. This comes in form of new mountain routes, water activities, heritage destinations and man-made infrastructure. For instance, in a 2015 publication, Africa Geographic listed Meru National Park and Aberdares National Park, and the coastal town of Watamu as some of the less touristy jewels, for travellers seeking unadulterated experiences.

Extreme Adrenaline

Picture this; zip lining has become one of the most popular activities and most sought adrenaline-laden nature activity. Combine this with scenic gorges and valleys, canopy forests and rocky dungeons and the awe-filled bird-view is irresistible! More than ever, energetic and equally adventurous travelers are saving day and a dollar to spend on thrill-filled escapades. In Kenya, more locations are offering this, top on the list is Kereita Forest, Sagana

Rapids Camp (Sagana), Kisames Giraffe Camp, among others. White water rafting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, kayaking and obstacle courses are a few of the activities pulling traction to operators who offer them.


Defined as the will to do good at your destination, making it a better place to visit and uplifting the local welfare at no extra cost.

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