Africa to Take Centre Stage at DISCOP Dubai 2018

The recent success of DISCOP Johannesburg highlighted the growing international interest in content “made in Africa.” This interest reflects recent research such as the latest IDATE report that shows growth in the in the MEA (Middle East / Africa ) TV market is being driven largely by sub-Saharan Africa, which it says will be the world’s fastest-growing TV market over the next five years.

The figures indicate average annual growth of 5.1%, with sub-Saharan Africa turning in the strongest performance with an average of 5.7% growth per annum. This would deliver a sub-Saharan TV market worth €9 billion in 2021.

Based on this interest in African content, especially from within the Middle East, DISCOP Dubai is excited to announce the first AFRICA PAVILION to take centre stage in the exhibition hall. This Pavilion will provide unique and powerful opportunities for African content producers and sellers, as well as for governments and other organisations looking to promote both content and co-productions.

To support the AFRICA PAVILION, two Africa-centric sessions will also take place at the NEXT GEN program for DISCOP Dubai.

Firstly, as an overall introduction to the Sub-Saharan marketplace, BASIC LEAD’s Buyers Research Manager Karl-Hills Boluwa will present a panorama of the diverse markets, content products and investment and production opportunities within the massive sub-Saharan region.

Additionally, Karl will also present information on the kinds of Middle Eastern-themed entertainment content that African TV channels are looking for. A host of these channels have also been invited to take part in this event and will also be exhibiting at the Africa Pavilion.

DISCOP DUBAI has also reached out to independent producers from Sub-Saharan Africa who will be invited to take part in the ARAB FORMAT ACCELERATOR initiative that will be deployed during DISCOP Dubai. This is a pitching program with a focus on scripted and unscripted, existing and original TV shows, with adaptation potential for the Middle Eastern marketplace.

As a further bridge-building initiative, India will be the featured Guest Country in Dubai, with a host of special events planned. These events will provide a further wealth of opportunities to start networking within the massive Indian market for all buyers, producers and sellers in attendance.

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