Top Digital Marketing Trends to Lookout for in Recent Times

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Lookout for in Recent Times

A recent CNN news feature emphasized how the phenomenal penetration of mobile devices has managed to transform the core concepts of digital marketing. With the younger generation spending more and more time on their smartphones or tablets, concepts like search engine optimization and other online marketing tools have become more important than ever before.

This is possibly the reason why companies like Nenen, an experienced Dubai SEO agency, is going all out to create highly professional and responsive websites that can appeal to today’s web surfers. We look at the top digital marketing trends to look out for in recent times.

Digital Marketing Trends to Come to Terms with

  • More Focus on Training: While new concepts of digitized marketing grapple to make their presence felt, talent gaps have been causing several issues. Therefore, companies today are more likely to increase training spends on digital marketing in a bid to strike the right balance between specialists and generalists. Major areas in focus for any respected SEO consultant in Dubai would include location targeting, content marketing, social marketing, analytics, programmatic and SEO.
  • Social Media Marketing: Among all the focal areas, social media marketing has become a key avenue of promoting brands. Any digital marketing agency & SEO company in Dubai worth its salt will tell you that it is in fact the most cost effective means of advertising, with very high return on investment. News feeds on social networking sites can be used to engage the target audience, promote special offers and get your brand message across to the maximum number of people. For instance, customers sharing photos of their dining experience at a restaurant can be offered a discount on their next visit. The quest is for fresh mediums to generate more brand awareness among people.
  • Video Marketing: With video streaming making a big splash across the digital entertainment space, video marketing is all set to hit high notes of success. Innovatively created videos that are relatable can be ideal for reaching out to target audiences quite easily. Video marketing can also be incorporated on social media platforms for better exposure. You will need an experienced digital marketing expert to create the right impact.
  • Digital In-Store Marketing: Creating a digital in-store marketing campaign could be a tough call, since it would be a combination of location technology, mobile friendly marketing ploys, analytics and classic marketing. Imagine walking along an aisle of a retail outlet while you receive notifications pertaining to items on sale on your smartphone. You can also receive digital coupons or redeemable airline miles as purchase incentives. The aim would be to generate more awareness for the customer and enhance customer engagement so that they spend more time checking out the products on display.

The basic change required in the mind-set of marketers is to adapt to the varied demands of the modern digital marketplace. At the end of the day, it is always about the survival of the fittest.

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