The Largest Release of IBM Watson Services and AI Toolset Aims to Capitalize on Fastest-growing End-user Industries

Global IBM Watson Services Market

With almost every industrial sector undergoing the digital transformation, ‘IBM Watson’ has become the latest buzzword in the cognitive computing industry. IBM Watson is an IBM supercomputer, which is a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art analytical software that acts as a ‘question answering’ machine and provides useful cognitive insights.

The modern trend of integrating advanced technologies, such as AI and Internet of Things (IoT), with industry standard models across a wide range of industrial sectors is boosting the adoption of IBM Watson services. The global market for IBM Watson services is gaining traction with its mounting number of applications in versatile end-user industries, such as healthcare, agriculture, analytics, and automotive.

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Sensing the lucrative growth opportunities in various industrial sectors, IBM recently rolled out a new set of IBM Watson services and solutions highly suitable for their specific industrial applications. The company announced that the new set of IBM Watson services are pre-trained for their applications in a variety of end-user industries such as customer service, agriculture, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, building management, marketing, automotive, and advertising.

By introducing industry-specific IBM Watson services, the company is planning to expand its operations and ride on the coattails of growth prospects of the aforementioned end-use industries. Growing incorporation of next-generation technologies across industrial sectors to handle overwhelming amount information is expected to improve the growth potential for IBM Watson services market in the upcoming years.

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