New generation lamp system: Solar CCTV Lamp posts with WiFi access

Solar CCTV Lamp

There are scarce of electricity in most of the areas of Africa. In this situation, Solar CCTV Lamp posts with WiFi access can serve multiple purposes altogether. It monitors and records all activities in the surrounding area. The authority can control the wireless 5G WiFi connection from their server. “Nodes” L-eye-T Posts dismiss all the difficulties for implementing these two properties together. Their power consumption also varies a lot.

As a result, if any service shuts down, the other one still works. The battery of this CCTV solar lamp is planted few feet under cement with appropriate protection from getting damaged by water. An attached fan is used to manage the breathing process of the battery. But they may require monthly management to fix out the bugs as well as minimize dampness. The developers are trying to set up several solar CCTV lamp posts and to connect the entire system to an optical fiber hub.

The project uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) which can ignite anything with a low amount of voltage. The structure is super strong, highly reliable and requires less investment due to very low power consumption. The authority will provide free WiFi service to the areas of Sierra Leone. Other service providers or business can also be able to buy or hire these lamp posts. They also want to create many versions with the company’s investment.

The Western form is able to radiate WiFi service around 600 meters with a lot of CCTV cameras based on user’s demand. The lamp posts harvest solar energy, so they do not need manual adjustment. They aren’t bulky at all and are suitable for implanting in any type of environment. If they are made successfully and get a license or verification, nothing can be more convenient to accomplish these useful objectives.

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