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We can say that we are already living in the future, right? We realize that we go a little further every day, on anything. Technology has come to a point that has become so important in our lives these days that sometimes we don’t even stop a minute to think about it. As a contradiction, there’s so much left to discover. But that’s just a matter of time.

The art of exchanging those little paper rectangles come from a long long time ago. Here’s a bit of useful information about how these cards were used in the past:

  • The Japanese used to exchange cards in tea, and other ceremonies.
  • The Chinese invented some sort of “calling cards” in the 15 century to notify people of their intention to visit.
  • In the 17th century, European merchants used miniature advertising cards to trade.
  • From the XVIII century (century of lights and illustration), visiting cards became an important labeling tool defined by sophisticated rules.
  • In 1855, Eugène Disdéri had the idea of ​​affixing a photo to his visiting card; therefore, he invented the photographic card.

Trust-building Process

It should be noted that this type of printing – besides being a visiting card – was a form of presentation and validation among those who could access these practices.

At the same time, these small rectangular cartons that contain our contact data, usually give more confidence to the people who receive them, because by handing over a card, we confirm that we will be there for them. It also makes us feel more humans.

Do not forget that, in general, businesses are built based on social bonds.

New Printing Online Trends

These days, we have a wide variety of business cards offerings because, even with new and different technologies, this type of presentation is still fundamental when doing business.

There are cards of different thickness, color, rounded corners, and texture, with luxurious or exotic laminations, among other custom designs. You can even print both sides of the card and choose a different shape to conventional ones. They can be ordered in less than a week and the best of all is that the whole process can be done online. Even if you want a sample to see how it will look, it can be done digitally. Something we could not even think about a few years ago.

Some companies also offer business cards with UV and gloss finishes. Ink quality, the strength of paper, selection, and foil stamping can help you to present a very good looking image. I think you are already thinking about getting one or re-design the one you already have.

Design Process

  1. Think about the style you want to show
  2. Your logo or branding must look like nothing else
  3. Choose the typography according to your business
  4. Use clever symbology
  5. User interaction: If you add some effects, your card will be unique.

To sum up, just as we are evolving, so do the new card printers, other tools, and materials that we use for this.

Currently, there are augmented reality card projects, both physical and virtual, that show holograms with much more information and in a much more futuristic way.

If you want to publicize your brand, business or just your services as a professional, do not hesitate to design one of these “souvenirs” so as not to lose contact with your peers. Get yours!

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