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TN190 Advanced Universal Charger & Battery Combos is one of the most reliable service provider, from where you can get all required batteries for any electronics of your home. They have a good collection of RC batteries, specialty batteries, rechargeable batteries and so on, essential for achieving a continuous service from your equipment. So, if you want to get the best quality batteries, battery charger, mobile accessories, and other mobile accessories created by the best-rated manufacturers, you can trust blindly.

They offer a vast collection of goods which serves different purposes. In this article, we are enlisting all of their products with complete product details and their use-guide as well.

Li-ion/Polymer/LiFe Batteries:

  • Li-ion batteries: These batteries require Protective Circuit Board (PCB), protective dress, hand, and ear protection if you want to use them. Make sure of charging them in a fire-proof shell. Don’t leave them on wooden items because they may result in fire spreading.
  • Li-Polymer cells and packs: Lithium Polymer Batteries are cheap, versatile, flexible, and durable. The manufacturer can give any shape to them, and these cells have a much lower self-discharge than nickel-metal hydride cells.
  • LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery: Ensures high performance. Wide active temperature range, long battery life, high power capability, and fast charging facility. They don’t cause any explosion and inflammation due to over-charging or high-temperature.
  • Battery PCB/PCM/BMS: BMS can manage any rechargeable cell or cell pack and monitor the activity of batteries under certain conditions.

Non-Rechargeable Primary Batteries:

  • Alkaline Batteries: These disposable batteries rely on the chemical reaction between zinc and manganese oxide. They have a more extended service life and higher energy density than zinc-carbon batteries.
  • Lithium Primary Batteries: These Tenergy batteries provides a long battery life and high energy density to its user. They are an excellent choice for creating meters, LED lightings, or alarm systems. Primary Lithium Batteriescan operate without a charger.
  • Button Cells: They offers a lot of coin cells or button cells including Alkaline, Lithium, Zinc, Silver Oxide, for electronics, clocks, medical devices cameras, calculators, and other applications. These quality products come with long life, high energy density, and high leak resistance.

 AA, AAA, C, D, 9V Rechargeables:

  • NiMH Batteries: NiMH batteriesare rechargeable and mostly used for digital camera or power-intensive goods. You are strictly prohibited from carrying them in contact with metal materials, use a defect-free plastic case instead.
  • NiCD Batteries: These rechargeable batteries have a variety of sizes with the best quality for suiting your needs. You can either purchase or replace or renew the NiCD batteries at a cheap rate.
  • Popular Battery Combos: The combination of battery bandle for saving up to 10% expenses than purchasing an individual battery.

Battery Chargers:

  • Battery Chargers: All rechargeable needs high-quality chargers to regain energy for further use. offers a good range of fast charging battery chargers for any rechargeable battery you are seeking.
  • Batteries & Charger Kits: It includes a combination of both Batteries and their Chargers. has the best selections of battery and its charger, which saves both time and money.
  • Power Banks & Chargers: Power bank is an exclusive tool for charging your smartphones and other electronics whenever and wherever you want. They are portable and convenient to use. One fully-charged power bank can charge a device three times.
  • Battery Tester/Analyzer: It is an electronic tool used for knowing the state, capacity, condition, defects, performance of a battery.

Batteries for Hobby:

  • RC Airplane, Car, Helicopter, Toys/Quadcopters Battery pack: RC batteries are best for using as airplane, car, toys, helicopter batteries. They usually come with 4.8v – 12V battery packs. They contain quality NiMH, Li-Polymer, and NICD battery packs to meet your needs.
  • Airsoft Batteries: offers Airsoft batteries for your Airsoft gun. You can get them with Airsoft chargers in different packs and combos for minimizing your expenses.
  • STEM / Robotics: Includes stem creating toys, educational robotic kit, solar-powered robot, etc.

Custom Battery Packs:

  • Backup batteries and packs: It features NiMH/NiCd backup Packs ranging from 3.6V to 60V, and Li-Ion/Po backup Packs from 3.7V to 37V. This criteria also include other custom packs and charger kits.
  • Alarm, Security, and Meter: Thionyl Chloride Lithium Battery has up to 10 years shelf life and highest density. These ER series batteries have three times larger capacity than ordinary Alkaline batteries. Famous for use in remote alarm systems, security services, Auto Metering Reading (AMR), Memory back-up, Real-time clocks, and other electronics.

Batteries for Home Improvement:

  • Solar Garden Light Batteries: They are built-in batteries powered by solar energy which energizes them during the day.
  • Flashlight Batteries: Provides one time Lithium CR123A and rechargeable Li-ion RCR123A flashlight batteries with their chargers.
  • Photo Batteries: These lightweight and small Lithium Photo Batteries are five times powerful compared to an alkaline battery.
  • Others: Vacuum Batteries, LED Lighting, Replacement Roomba Batteries, Power Tools Battery, etc

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA):

SLA Battery and Charger: Sealed lead-acid batteries are best for the security system, alarms, emergency lights, and other sensitive applications. They have long service time as well as zero maintenance advantage. You will find a suitable charger for these SLA batteries too.

Mobile Accessories: You will also find some computer accessories, apple accessories, Bluetooth, Bluetooth-beanies, etc.

Sports & Travel Kits: The authorities have the best quality bike and helmet lighting kits, which can be easily fit in your bike and helmet respectively. Besides, they also sell inverters, adaptors, DC-AC/DC-DC converters, emergency light batteries for the ease of your travel or sport. provides the best batteries and other accessories with the lowest price as well as fast shipping. It implements Tenergy, an advanced battery manufacturing technology for developing long-lasting Li-ion batteries, NiMH batteries, rechargeable batteries, and others for you. Give it a try right now, and we assure you, it will be worth trying.

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