Agera Energy is an Industry Leader and Healthy Environment Advocate

Agera Energy

Having its headquarters in Briarcliff Manor, New York, Agera Energy is recognized as an industry leader. It is a licensed natural gas and electricity supplier. The company is an energy supplier dedicated to decreasing its impact on the environment. Agera Energy does this by promoting its environmental stewardship. All individuals who work at the company are making an effort to be more eco-friendly during work and in their personal lives. This is done for the purpose of providing a clean and natural environment for future generations.

Certified Green Business

In 2016, Agera Energy was a participant in the Westchester Green Business Challenge. Their participation resulted in the company becoming a Certified Westchester Green Business. Accomplishing this goal involved the company initiating a number of initiatives designed to make daily business operations increasingly sustainable.

LED Lighting

The company wanted to decrease its energy consumption. LEDS were placed throughout the 12,000 square feet of its office. After this was done, the carbon footprint of the company was estimated to have been lowered by more than 421 tons of carbon dioxide. This is enough energy to power over 75 homes yearly. The lights aren’t in use all the time. Employees are also requested to turn off the lights in offices and conference rooms when they are not being used.

Indoor Temperature

There are times in the company’s office when the sun will come through the windows. The company realized there had to be a better way to control the office’s indoor climate. To accomplish this, the company installed film coverings on its office windows. This was done to reduce solar heat and office temperature with its south-facing windows. The company’s refrigerators were also run at optimal temperatures. This is a good way to not waste energy. Inside of the refrigerator’s thermostats were installed. This provided a method for monitoring their inside temperature.

Recycling and Waste

Prior to participating in the Westchester Green Business Challenge, the company only used trash bins in its office. After the challenge, it started having recycling bins in the office as well as trash bins. This has caused paper, glass containers and other items to be recycled instead of being placed in the trash.

There are many different types of items that are regularly recycled in the office and never really served a real purpose. The company has decided to be taken off as many junk mail and direct mail lists as possible. This has decreased the amount of paper being used by the company.

Not everything that isn’t trash may be recycled. There are times when the wrong items will find their way into the recycling bin. When this happens, items designated for recycling could be compromised. To avoid this from occurring, the company has put signs all around the office. These signs are designed to educate employees about the items that should be placed in the trash bins and what items should be placed in the recycling bins.

Even with the decision concerning what should be recycled, determining what is trash isn’t always easy. Should something not be able to be recycled, it does not mean it should always be placed in the trash. Two examples are electronic waste and hazardous waste. They must be disposed of using a completely different methods. Fluorescent bulbs and CFL is given to Veolia North America for disposal. E-waste containers have been placed in the office’s main copier room for old electronic items to be placed for safe disposal.

Water Consumption

Agera Energy works toward eliminating the consumption of bottled waters. Each of its employees has been provided a BPA-free bottle that is reusable. A water filtration system was installed by the company to fill up the bottles given to employees. This has resulted in a decrease of thousands of plastic bottles.

Water conservation efforts are encouraged to be maximized by employees. They are asked to make certain all the faucets in the office are turned off when not being used. Any leaks or drips must be reported, so they can quickly be fixed. Dishwashers are only to be run when they have a full load.

All their efforts have made the company a leader in the energy industry for encouraging positive actions. It does not matter if someone is a customer. Everyone is able to try and make their lives more eco-friendly as well as sustainable.

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