Why Is JD successful in China?

In a matter of 15 years, JD.com has positioned as one of the biggest online businesses of China along with Alibaba. The science behind its astronomic success comes down to quality and technology, being the main factors that will lead its expansion internationally.

Why Is JD.com Different?

Richard Liu Quingdong, CEO of the company, has invested most of its wealth into developing the latest technological advancements for JD.com, ranging from improvements in production to logistics. After years of constant optimization, JD has become effective in reducing unnecessary costs and solving its problems, which makes people receive better services.

Richard Liu is currently leading this Fortune 500 company to make it global, sharing its capabilities in new markets, just like Amazon does. The difference between these e-commerce giants is the strategy followed, being the objective of Liu Quingdong to create the most reliable store ever.

As an example of progress towards this milestone, the company received the 2018 Seal Business Sustainability Award for its efforts.

Features About The E-Commerce Site

When comparing different retail businesses, customers need a clear distinction to perceive the company that will solve better their problems. As for JingDong, Liu Quingdong follows the strategy of maxing out the service capabilities in China before moving to greater pools.

As a result, Chinese clients utilize JD because it is perceived as a company specialized in the e-commerce sector of the country, which increases relatability. Apart from the company culture and core values, Richard has created a business ecosystem that improves the purchase experience.

Authenticity: Since the very beginning, the statement of the company has been authenticity, which is what earned the customer’s loyalty in the past. This concept also stands for reliability consisting of durable, high-quality products delivered to the client in record time.

Quality applies for all aspects of JD, from customer service to product manufacturing.

Convenience: JD has been optimized in such an organized way that buyers can spend less time possible to find the items they want. The website shows a simple list of options where you can place an order within six minutes, in case it is your first time using the service.

Even better, the service is widely available. JingDong accepts 10-15 day shipping internationally, but it is mostly developed in the main country, presenting one-of-a-kind logistic services.

Real Speed: Most customers agree that speed is the most important part of a retail business, which is the most regarded feature that made JD so popular. Anybody living in China would have probably heard of the ultra-fast delivery system that Richard has promoted.

In a country where progress and economic development is increasing, the best opportunities come for those who move faster. All packages arrive within 20 hours, while a great portion of the ship within six hours. The speed depends on the costs and urgency, being able to receive your goods in even 30 minutes!

JD Logistics has built a structure that ensures the rapid distribution of the inventory, which will vary depending on the necessities and average demand of the area. In the future international expansion, Richard expects to reduce international shipping time to similar numbers.

JD Globalization… What Will Happen Next?

The JD team is quite excited about the future of the company once the artificial intelligence technology completes its development. Many people have been amazed by the impressive service provided by JingDong, but the 5G technologies and IoT will magnify their productivity even more.

For the next decade, Richard Liu is planning the extensive automation of JingDong. The business has been perceived quite positively in the last decades, and JD has just started to skyrocket.

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