Reduced restrictions due to coronavirus led to an increase in retail sales

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This analysis was conducted in 120 countries on more than 50,000 trading platforms.

The Purple Footfall Trends Global tool offers an opportunity to find out what impact these measures have on various business areas.

The analysis shows that there was a huge jump in retail sales. Growth in the US is more than 400% per week and almost 9% globally.

Last week, several countries began to lift some restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This allows you to analyze the impact of these measures on people’s behavior. This makes it possible to understand long-term changes in social interactions.

Purple will track this impact and publish reports.

Initially, the analysis showed that easing restrictions led to a large number of people returning to shops and stores, with a 443% increase in the Asia-Pacific region and a 434% increase in the US.

In the EMEA region, only 4% of growth was registered. But this gives hope for the future of retail. EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) is an abbreviation for an economic region and/or market, including Europe (including Russia), the Middle East, and Africa.

Data for the past week shows an increase in traffic to cafes by 14% and restaurants by 2%.

Overall, global footfall across all industries still saw a drop of 3%.

More and more European countries, such as the United Kingdom, are discussing the possibility of easing restrictions. Therefore, the number of visitors will increase not only in the retail sector.

Source: Purple

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