UPDATE: ESET Southern Africa Adopts LifeQ’s COVID-19 Early Warning and Disease Tracking Solution to Safeguard Employees

In just a few days following the roll-out of LifeQ’s COVID-19 early warning and disease tracking solution amongst employees at the South African offices of global cybersecurity company, ESET, the first COVID-19 early warning was detected. The discovery of a physiological anomaly occurred almost a week prior to the onset of symptoms which triggered the employee to get tested and have a COVID-19 diagnosis confirmed. This early period before the appearance of symptoms is when unknown spreading of the COVID-19 virus occurs.

By simply requesting that the employee stay home, ESET was able to reduce the risk of infection amongst other team members. Not only did the early detection save the company from disruption to the business and costs since sterilisation of the facility and quarantining of other employees were not required, more importantly, early flagging by the solution could be lifesaving for high-risk individuals. LifeQ’s COVID-19 solution also determines the user’s risk of developing complications as a result of a COVID-19 infection, with early detection being critical for improved chances of healing. The employee in question was flagged as having a high risk of developing complications.

LifeQ will now assist with the remote monitoring of the employee to determine if any complications are developing and with having the continuous patient data analysed by one of its medical advisors who happens to be one of the most COVID-19 experienced professionals in the Western Cape. The employee’s spouse has also been onboarded with the technology to monitor them for possible infection.

“Now, with most of our teams returning to the office, we are doing all we can to ensure that our staff is safe and therefore our fellow South Africans are safe too, while also continuing business as usual and contributing to the economy. Early detection allows us to prevent spreading of the infection and focus on ensuring the best care for our team members,” says ESET CEO Carey van Vlaanderen.

“While the rise in COVID-19 infections has levelled, the number of daily new cases is still substantial, and globally employers are rightly cautious even in countries where the number of new infections is way down. With several countries reporting a second wave of the disease, no one wants to let their guard down. The only way to get back to a new normal is to introduce additional safety measures at offices, factories, schools, universities, and any other setting that involves large numbers of people in close proximity,” adds Laurie Olivier, CEO of LifeQ.

The next version of LifeQ’s acute disease onset detector will monitor a greater variety of physiological streams that will make it even more effective for screening for the onset of a range of acute diseases beyond COVID-19.

For more information, go to www.lifeq.com

About LifeQ

LifeQ is a digital health company with Computational Systems Biology at its core. LifeQ is widely recognized as the world’s leading independent provider of biometrics and health solutions derived from wearable devices with global leaders in wearables, silicon manufacturers, digital platforms and insurance already customers and partners. LifeQ’s unique combination of longitudinal, high coverage, high resolution tracking of a numerous lifestyle and physiological signals enables the development of solutions serving end consumers and businesses alike. These include the provision of health information towards lifestyle management, preventative healthcare and early disease detection, including a new Covid-19 early warning and monitoring solution. LifeQ’s health information solutions are hosted within an end-to-end IOT infrastructure that is GDPR compliant already in use by prominent global partners. LifeQ has its offices in South Africa, Amsterdam and Atlanta. More information at www.lifeq.com

About ESET Southern Africa

ESET began life as a pioneer of antivirus protection, creating award-winning threat detection software. Now, ESET’s goal is to make sure that everybody can enjoy the breath-taking opportunities that technology offers. Today, ESET security solutions allow businesses and consumers in more than 200 countries and territories to make the most of the digital world. Working with ethical and passionate people, ESET is building a safer technology environment for everyone to enjoy. This is being done through education and business’s commitment to research and development. ESET believes in technology – and want to make sure that everyone can enjoy it in safety.

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