May 14, 2013

China and Russia commit to World Energy Congress


February 14, 2013

Headline: The time is ripe for biogas investment, says SABIA, ahead of launch at Africa Energy Indaba

The South African Biogas Industry Association (SABIA)will be launched at the Africa Energy Indaba in February 2013 by experts who believe that biogas should no longer be lumped together with other alternative energy sources,but holds enough weight to stand in its own category. read more

February 13, 2013

Debate about nuclear power to heat up at 2013 Nuclear Forum

Although nuclear power stations have been phased out in many parts of the world due to safety concerns following Japan’s Fukushima disaster, the debate about nuclear power as an alternative to coal-fired power is heating up in South Africa. read more

The renewable energy ‘gold rush’ is in Africa

Africa, with all its natural resources, is the ideal location for renewable energy infrastructure investment and development. With potential growth in renewable energy investment set to grow from US $3,6 billion in 2012 to US $57 billion by 2020, the ‘gold rush’ has started.  The large volume of foreign direct investment into the South African Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) established by the South African Department of Energy to identify investment opportunities in the electricity sector is evidence of this gold rush. read more

February 11, 2013

New World Energy Council report identifies the critical issues holding back the transition of the global energy sector

NEW DELHI – Continued uncertainty in the future direction of climate frameworks, political instability of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, energy price volatility, and the global economic recession are what energy leaders consider as the top ‘insomnia’ issues driving the world energy agenda this year, according to the 2013 World Energy Issues Monitor, published today by the World Energy Council (WEC). read more

October 18, 2012

Neptune Wave Power Gets Positive Results Testing Latest Buoy

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