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Digital Disruptors to Watch in 2017

In the lurid space where financial and digital innovation intersect, disruptors are booming. They’ll continue to cause upheaval in 2017 and make their mark in a landscape that’s becoming progressively challenging to navigate. Here’s my prediction of the movers and makers to watch in 2017:

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Banks grapple while nimble players eat their lunch

By Brian Richardson, CEO of WIZZIT International

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African banks are sleeping through the mobile revolution

Mobile banking in Africa is a golden egg waiting to be seized by the quickest innovator – and African banks are close within its reach. But with the proliferation of mobile banking services offered by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), banks are running the risk of being beaten at their own game. African banks’ reactive approach to mobile banking means they’re missing out on a gargantuan growth opportunity and find themselves sleeping through the mobile banking revolution on the continent.

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