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New report shines spotlight on e-mobility innovators unlocking access to the US$3.65bn motorcycle market in sub-Saharan Africa

More than 90% of electric motorcycles sold in sub-Saharan Africa are imported from China and India and are not built for African conditions Electric motorcycles are set to be a dominant force in sub-Saharan Africa’s sustainable mobility transformation, but continued investment in start-ups tackling barriers across the value chain will be critical to maximise the […]

Will AI replace software developers?

Artificial Intelligence

Since its launch in November last year, the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has had a massive impact in just a few short months. Already, some schools have banned it as students quickly employed the bot to take shortcuts in their schoolwork, while debates rage on whether the bot will or won’t replace copywriters. It can also write code – so well, […]

Five Areas Where AI Can Help Do Better Business, Right Now

Artificial Intelligence

By: Jacques Du Bruyn, Managing Director, Flume  While the creative industry loses its collective mind about how ChatGPT, Bard and the ‘smarter’ version of Bing are going to decimate job numbers in the industry and deliver massive volumes of poor-quality work at next to no cost – and there’s plenty to be said about why […]

ChatGPT and Cybersecurity: What AI means for digital security

As AI technology like ChatGPT evolves, so do the strategies and tactics used by cybercriminals. Steve Flynn, Sales and Marketing Director at ESET Southern Africa, says ongoing awareness is crucial in understanding how to manage potential cybersecurity challenges posed by these developing tools. As artificial intelligence (AI) technology becomes a new reality for individuals and businesses, its […]

8.7% of users encountered phishing attacks in Africa in 2022, global number of attacks exceeds 500 million

Kaspersky’s ( anti-phishing system prevented more than 500 million attempts at accessing fraudulent websites globally in 2022. This is twice more compared to 2021 figures. In Africa, 8.7% of individuals and corporate users were affected by phishing: attacks on their devices were detected and stopped. In South Africa, the share of users affected by phishing […]

New outlook on skills development can solve CTO headaches and fast-track coding careers in 2023

By Jessica Hawkey, Managing Director at redAcademy As 2023 begins in full swing, we can all be forgiven for feeling as though we have been on a seemingly endless roller coaster during the past year. However, despite the surprises and shocks, one thing remained consistent throughout 2022 and is predicted to be one of the […]

Sendmarc secures $7m funding to help make the internet a safer place

Sendmarc, a leader in email and domain security, has announced a $7 million series A funding round led by Atlantica Ventures and supported by Allan Gray E-Squared Ventures, Fireball Capital, Endeavor Catalyst, 4Di Capital, Kalon Venture Partners, Endeavor Harvest, and Alpha Private Capital. The funding will be used to expand Sendmarc’s market enablement strategy and to continue improving its product, with a focus on being […]

The big impact of AI and more for businesses in 2023

Artificial Intelligence

By Ciaran McKivergan, CEO and founding partner at 8909 Digital Artificial Intelligence (AI) will slowly start its journey to necessity in the advertising world in 2023. It’s ‘been coming’ for a few years now and a few progressive operators have slowly been rolling it out, but 2023 will be the year that its application reaches […]

Governing cybersecurity from the top as a strategic business enabler

Cyber threats are increasing at a rate far greater than the industry is able to cope with. Despite this, C-Suite executives still don’t take cybersecurity seriously enough while boards are not nearly as engaged in cybersecurity as they are in other areas of oversight, says Patrick Evans, CEO of SLVA CyberSecurity. Cybersecurity breaches pose a major […]

48HOURS launches free crisis diagnostic app

New online tool helps brands classify the scale of risk from a crisis within just three minutes Nothing tests an organisation quite like a crisis. In a global crisis management survey conducted by Deloitte, 34% of businesses that have already experienced a crisis say the most important lesson they’ve learned is to have better systems […]

5 Important Technologies Behind a Reliable Field Service App

Field operations apps are invaluable for businesses, allowing project managers to connect with field technicians, streamline operations, and improve customer service through timely and quality service. They offer companies a way to make their services more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. However, for these apps to be successful, the right and up-to-date technologies must be in […]

Teqnamo’s Cybersecurity Report Uncovers Latest Trends and Biggest Challenges

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important aspect for modern businesses and individuals alike. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of modern technology to stay ahead of security teams across organizations. This has led to a surge in attacks. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic contributed greatly to this accelerated rise in cyber attacks, but the stage was already […]

Cybercriminals eye passwords and cloud vulnerabilities with a sharp rise in attacks expected in 2023

The cybercriminal is relentless, often sophisticated, and extremely persistent. In a constantly evolving threat landscape in which cloud adoption continues to grow and passwords are highly coveted by nefarious actors, attacks are expected to increase sharply in the coming year. However, this is being met with incredible advancement and innovation from the cybersecurity industry says Carey […]

AppsFlyer gives Insight into Global E-Commerce Trends for 2023

By Sue Azari – E-Commerce Lead at AppsFlyer It is no secret that over the past few years the e-commerce industry has been constantly and rapidly evolving, with COVID-19 playing a significant role. Many retailers have experienced highs as a result of the pandemic, with consumers taking advantage of the convenience of shopping for pretty […]

Using accurate forensic intelligence to combat serial and organised crime in South Africa

“When constructing any kind of civil or criminal case against an individual or corporation, it is imperative that all the evidence that is to be presented in a court of law be one hundred per cent accurate and verifiable,” says Sameer Kumandan, Managing Director of SearchWorks, South Africa’s largest and most innovative data aggregation platform. “False […]

Africa Tech Summit 2023 Returns To Nairobi For Fifth Edition In February

Africa Tech Summit, the leading tech conference focused on connecting businesses and driving investments within Africa’s tech ecosystem, will host its fifth edition on the 15th to 16th of February 2023 at the Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi.  “After a sold-out out Summit in 2022, we are excited to welcome back 1000+ tech leaders, investors, […]

Business in the Era of Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

By Eiji Ota, B2B Sales and Marketing Director, Canon Central and North Africa ( The ‘as-a-service’ model, whereby businesses can subscribe to a service or offering without the need to pay upfront, has revolutionised B2B operations forever. It was initially introduced, with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), a pioneering business model for accessing software through the cloud. SaaS […]

Clickatell Predicts Mobile Messaging to be the Next Big Channel for Digital Commerce in 2023

In the near future, mobile messaging is set to become a leading platform that enables brands to provide deeply personalized experiences for both digital and in-person commerce. According to industry experts at Clickatell, this trend is predicted to reach its peak around 2023 as it will allow companies to create meaningful customer relationships, drive business […]

Cybastion Pioneers Path to Success in Africa with Numerous Groundbreaking Agreements Signed

Cybastion, an emerging leader in the field of cybersecurity, took centre stage at side events of the U.S. – Africa Leaders Summit. The cybersecurity firm was also the platinum sponsor for the US – Africa Business Forum event. (USABF)  The USABF event took place on the Summit’s second day (December 14). It was hosted by […]

How effective is your digital supply chain management?

As digital transformation increases at a dizzying pace, digital supply chain (DSC) management has become a business necessity. Software estates are ever-increasing, contracts and licences are becoming more complicated, and preventing wastage is more challenging than ever. Gartner predicts that in 2024, 60% of enterprises will underestimate cloud infrastructure and platform services consumption rates, leading to […]

Why you need dynamic data protection

SLVA CyberSecurity and Active Cypher’s data protection and control solution works across all systems, protecting data at rest, in motion and during collaboration. Understanding the importance of simplifying data protection, SLVA CyberSecurity has partnered with Active Cypher, to help its customers overcome these specific challenges. This is achieved by providing data security across the entire […]

A life less ordinary: Professor Barry Dwolatzky launches exhilarating memoir Coded History: My Life of New Beginnings

Coded History guarantees that everything you thought you knew about Emeritus Professor Barry Dwolatzky is gladly reconsidered. Nothing about this book is what you would imagine possible in the life of Wits University’s unassuming and much-loved professor. Coded History: My Life of New Beginnings launched yesterday, 2 November 2022. This self-penned memoir by Wits University’s Emeritus […]