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BCX Releases Digital Innovation Index Report 2023. Offering Strategic Insights for South African Businesses

This comprehensive report aims to guide businesses by evaluating their innovation strategies and shedding light on the dynamic landscape of digital transformation in South Africa. This report stands as a beacon for businesses seeking to navigate the evolving realm of digital transformation in South Africa.

Mind the gap: Narrowing the distance to your organisation’s desired data maturity starts with your people

In an era defined by information and innovation, businesses all understand the importance and value of data. However, the true potential lies not just in its collection, but in leveraging it as a strategic asset.  Lee Wearne, Data Strategist at Insight Consulting, unravels the key to unlocking your organisation’s data maturity in his article. Lee emphasises the critical role of people, along with processes, and technology in leveraging data as a strategic asset. 

Agrointelli’s Innovative Robotti Paves the Way for a Greener Future in Agriculture

Agrointelli, the pioneering Danish field robotics company, is thrilled to be participating in the upcoming COP28 conference. This global event provides an opportunity for Agrointelli to showcase its significant contribution to the agricultural industry and its commitment to global sustainability efforts.

Leveraging unified commerce solutions for customer-centric retail success

In the dynamic world of retail, understanding the evolving nature of the consumer journey is paramount. With increasing technological advancements and rising customer expectations, retailers need to be agile and responsive, ensuring their customers can seamlessly navigate an unlimited array of shopping experiences. To cater to this demand, unified commerce platforms are stepping up, offering […]

Merchants around the globe increase spend to tackle E-commerce fraud crisis

Concerned merchants increase fraud budgets and grow fraud teams Increased automation is crucial and will ultimately help merchants save more and improve efficiency New solutions are desperately needed as businesses struggle to address spiralling fraud Most still using expensive and unsustainable in-house solutions Merchants will lose more than  £39 million to fraud in 2023 Businesses […]

The power of tech sales: Bridging the digital transformation gap

In today’s fast-evolving world of technology, the role of the tech sales professional is critical in bridging the gap between companies looking to move with the times and effect a digital transformation of operations, and those with the expertise to assist them.

Dynamic conversations propel the future of work and real estate at Envision forum in Cape Town

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa at the V&A Waterfront was the centre point for discussions around the intersection of work, real estate, and technology on 30 August as JLL, the international real estate advisory company and leading design and build company, Tétris Design x Build hosted the landmark Envision, High Performance Real Estate and Workplaces forum. The event […]

Scan to Pay Vouchers: a new way to reward loyalty

With the holiday season fast approaching, many businesses are working on gift lists and incentives to thank employees and reward loyal clients. And while the reliable (if somewhat boring) box of chocolates is still appreciated by some, what better way to thank someone than to let them choose their own perfect gift? That’s just one […]

Unlocking the Future: South Africa – Swiss Blockchain Innovation Challenge

Embrace the transformative power of innovation with the SA Innovation Summit’s groundbreaking Blockchain Innovation Challenge. South Africa is on the brink of a monumental shift, as digital innovation paves the way for new horizons and blockchain technology reshapes frontiers.