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Uniworld Announces 2025 Uniworld University Course

The course details what’s to come in 2025 for the luxury river cruise line, including five new itineraries, inspired land extensions, more ‘MAKE TRAVEL MATTER®’ Experiences and a brand-new ship setting sail next year, the S.S. Elisabeth.

Big 5 Construct South Africa 2024: The gateway to the country’s construction sector

South Africa’s construction sector is projected to grow thanks to government’s National Development Plan 2023, with numerous mega projects happening in all nine provinces; projects such as Mtentu Bridge, which is set to be Africa’s tallest bridge, the High-Speed Rail (HSR) framework and many others. 

Deimos ranks Africa’s fastest-growing IT & Software company by Financial Times

Deimos, a leading technology company specialising in cloud-native solutions, is proud to announce it has been placed first in the IT and Software category of the Financial Times (FT) ranking of Africa’s Fastest-Growing Companies for 2024; placing 15th overall out of 125 companies ranked in Africa. This marks Deimos’ second consecutive entry on the prestigious list. 

Third-party cookies are crumbling

We are witnessing a pivotal moment in the digital landscape as third-party cookies are becoming obsolete. This shift, underscored by Google’s announcement to discontinue third-party cookies in the third quarter of 2024, has profound implications for marketers, advertisers, and consumers alike. With the convergence of stringent data privacy laws and heightened consumer privacy concerns, the era of relying on third-party cookies is giving way to a new paradigm centered around first-party data. This change not only empowers consumers with enhanced privacy controls but also challenges marketers to recalibrate their strategies.

Medical volunteers transform lives and transfer skills in Mpumalanga

Operation Smile South Africa in partnership with the Mpumalanga Department of Health, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, and a dedicated team of medical volunteers from various regions of South Africa,  will be conducting a surgical program at Rob Ferreira Hospital in Mbombela between 17 – 19 May 2024.

Local businesses must invest in AI infrastructure to secure market share amid arrival of multinationals in SA

Like any tool or technological advancement, AI can be both destructive or transformative; but generally, the success or failure of technological advancements relies on a susceptible user base and an enabling environment in which it is to be deployed. 

A Steep Climb Ahead as South Africa Races to Delist from FATF Greylisting

It has been a year since South Africa (“SA”) was grey listed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and under a year shy of having to demonstrate its improvements in bolstering anti-money laundering and financial crimes measures.

South African retailers have arrived at an e-commerce crossroads

South Africa’s e-commerce landscape has arrived at an important juncture. The explosive growth observed during the pandemic years has slowed down somewhat and consumer spending power has faltered amid low economic growth and a global cost of living crisis. At the same time, competition is heating up.

Increased competition and bond switching set to shake up the SA property market

As interest rates remain stable against the backdrop of a challenging economic climate, banks are being pushed to innovate and offer more competitive home loan terms to attract customers. This environment has given rise to a practice widely adopted in the UK but is yet to reach a tipping point in South Africa: bond switching. […]

The rise of Gen Z means a rethink of permanent employment is on the horizon

We are witnessing a clash between businesses pushing for in-office work and Gen Z workers who prioritise flexibility, environmental consciousness, and inclusivity. Even remote-working advocate, Zoom, has demanded that those within 80km of the office need to work in-person twice a week. As Gen Z becomes the dominant demographic in the future workforce, project-based independent contracting and remote collaboration are gaining popularity as preferred modes of work. Gary Silbermann, Co-Founder & Innovation Director at One Degree shares that there doesn’t have to be an ongoing battle between C-suites and younger workers.

How Effective Rebranding Can Redefine and Elevate Your Business

In an era where change is the only constant, businesses must adapt and evolve to stay ahead. Penquin, the brand and communication agency based in Johannesburg, is leading by example, embracing transformation with open arms. The agency recently made headlines with the unveiling of its brand-new logo and refreshed corporate identity (CI), marking a significant milestone in its journey.

South African consumers feel the big squeeze: 99% have changed their FMCG shopping habits to save money

According to NIQ, 44% of South African consumers feel they are in a worse financial position this year compared to a year ago. Of those respondents, 82% say that increased costs of living are to blame for their recent financial struggles, up from 76% a year ago. Nearly two-thirds (62%) state they are worse off due to the economic slowdown, up from 57% a year ago. These findings appeared in “Consumer Outlook 2024″, the latest NIQ Thought Leadership report capturing the mindset and sentiment of consumers around the world.

Disrupting the Adtech landscape: South African scale-up leads the revolution

Transitioning from a disruptor in the real estate sector to a global pioneer in data-powered Adtech across industries, Flow’s solutions aim to solve the fragmentation of industries including financial services, retail, e-commerce, MLMs, and more and have evolved into three distinct pillars: Flow Connect, Flow Enterprise, and Flow Data. These pillars showcase Flow’s evolution as a leading “data-powered” Adtech provider that boosts reach and revenue for businesses. With over 5000 successful campaigns and reaching over one billion impressions on retargeted adverts to date, Flow is making waves in the industry. Their new website, launched this February, reflects their commitment to seamless navigation, crystal clear communication, and faster loading times to enhance campaign delivery.

I’m Handing Over My Keys – Not My Supporters’ Card

Pieter Twine, GM at MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, will be retiring on 29 February. On his parting, he has put together an opinion piece about the impact of the MySchool program since its inception in 1997 (including having raised over R1 billion for more than 8,500 schools and NGO beneficiaries in South Africa).

France number one destination for SA travellers wanting snow holidays

Club Med Southern Africa have just released their South African Ski Report for the 2023/2024 season. The report was compiled following a comprehensive survey capturing insights to discern key trends in South Africa’s snow holiday preferences, expectations, and booking profiles.

Carefully balancing technology and people can elevate retailers and benefit SA. The Human Face of Retail

In this piece, Ludi discusses the balance between technology and human interaction in the retail industry. The article explores how technology and people can work together to create a positive retail experience for customers.

Durban to Dublin — Irish Tech Challenge South Africa 2023 Winners to Showcase SDG Innovations in Ireland

The Irish Tech Challenge South Africa is excited to announce that the 2023 winning cohort is set to travel to Ireland for a 10-day curated immersion and networking programme with access to top industry leaders and potential for further funding.

Your hot date may be a hotline to becoming a scam victim

Technology has disrupted many aspects of traditional life. When you are sitting at dinner and seeing a couple going out on a “first date”, consider that this may be their first in-person date and that they have been interacting (dating) online for months. According to global data and business intelligence platform, Statista, the number of online dating users in South Africa is expected to reach 6.7 million users by 2028. The report adds that the current user penetration rate of dating websites is believed to be 8.0% and may increase to 10.4% by 2028.

Daily power cuts tripled in 2023: SA government must deploy subsidised smart tech solutions in evolutionary next step to maximise energy efficiency in 2024

According to the latest data sets from the Outlier, South Africans were forced to endure the highest degree of loadshedding on record last year. In 2022, citizens experienced 205/365 days of loadshedding – mostly between stages 1 and 4. While glaring, this pales in comparison to 2023, with daily blackouts across 335 days, comprising mostly stage 3 to 6 levels of loadshedding.