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Uganda: Karuma Hydro Power Project Sees Green Light.

The project which is being executed by Uganda Electricity Generation Company (UGECL) and a Chinese company Sinohydro Corporation – as contractor, was anticipated to produce 600MW of hydropower was paused due to recognized cracks in the dam section which posed threat to the project. Stakeholders partnered in finding teams of experts, both local and international to get a solution to the challenge. After several consultations, concrete works have resumed at the project site. Key inputs from the experts included reducing the temperature of the concrete during placement as well as improvement on the placement methods, which demanded the use of agitator trucks. Following that, a cooling plant has been installed on site to ensure concrete is placed at 20 degrees Celsius. Currently, the contractor, Sinohydro, has completed over 95% of the tunneling excavation and is currently concreting the tunnel. read more

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