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Counter-terrorism measures threaten money sent home by Somali diaspora, UN rights experts warn

The vital flow of remittances from diaspora countries into Somalia is under threat as a result of necessary, but inadequately thought-through counter-terrorism measures. United Nations human rights experts have warned that the measures risk severely affecting the human rights of the people of Somalia, and have urged the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Somalia to ensure that such remittances continue to flow. read more

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Global executives see emergence of Sub-Saharan Africa as consumer market

Consumer spending by a fast-growing middle class is as important a growth driver for Africa as mineral and resource demand, according to a new survey of global logistics executives. read more

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Africa Oil & Power Breaks the Mold of Traditional Energy Conferences

Cape Town, January 19, 2016– The inaugural edition of the Africa Oil & Power conference will be held June 6-7, 2016 at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. Endorsed by the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy of Equatorial Guinea and hosted by Centurion Law Firm, Africa Oil & Power is an invitation-only event that strives to redefine energy conferences. It draws a premier crowd of ministers and senior level government officials and top executives of private sector companies spanning the entire value chain, including upstream, downstream, power generation and legal and finance. read more

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HVAC Equipment Relies on Energy Efficiency to Produce Gains

Frost & Sullivan finds signing of strategic partnerships will also improve the HVAC market read more

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Zayed Future Energy Prize Recognises Nine New Winners

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Quantum Global Bolstering Thought Leadership Initiative

Quantum Global group, the Swiss based investment advisory firm providing specialist investment advice targeting Africa’s growth sectors, is implementing a new strategy aimed at positioning thought leadership as one of its key strategic messaging platforms. Already a committed advocate for Africa and its development narrative, the group will seek to further develop its standing as a constructive and effective operator across the continent and a conduit of mutually beneficial dialogue among Africa’s civic, investment and policy making leaders. read more

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AGCO’s 5th Africa Summit Calls for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in African Agriculture

AGCO signs agreement with CNFA and announces 2nd Future Farm read more

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Digital awards are more than a slap on the back

The annual IAB SA Bookmark awards has in less than eight years of existence established itself as the country’s premier digital industry awards, and amongst the most coveted awards in the South African marketing landscape. read more

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Lake Abijatta- Shalla the Great Rift Valley Lakes

The sheer 14 meters deep Lake Abijatta covers 17 kilometers long water inhabiting countless flamingos, eagles, geese, ducks and white pelicans. Home to over 400 bird species the place is a famous site in the country for bird watching. The 260 meters deep Lake Shalla is one of the deepest lakes in Africa and is reputedly one of the widest on the continent. It is an exceptionally beautiful spot with several hot springs that bubble up by the shore and flow into the Lake. Jovago Africa’s number one hotel booking company highlights this stunning mountain-view outdoor hot springs as the perfect retreat. read more

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Timket Ethiopian Exclusive Carnival

Special to Ethiopia, this colorful three-day annual carnival, Timket is celebrated on the 21st of January  to commemorate Christ’s baptism. The celebration dates back to the 16th century and involves laying long red carpet on streets, worshiping, feasting and procession. During this religious festival, the streets are filled with pilgrims who come to re-enact the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River and take a dip in the holy waters. The celebration is also a time when people meet their future significant other. Jovago, Africa’s leading online hotel booking company brings you to this not-to-be-missed spectacular festival. read more

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The Growing Influence of Social Media as Formal Media

The active social interaction and accessibility of social media has drawn a growing attention which has revolutionized how information is stored, published, searched and consumed. read more

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Infrastructure for an African healthcare system being laid down by local entrepreneurs with help from Facebook and Merck

Facebook and Merck are supporting I Care 4 Africa, an initiative between a Silicon Valley based NGO and a Ghana based incubator to catalyze the current healthcare system in Africa. read more

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IFIF 2016 to Address Regulatory Challenges to Accelerate Development of Islamic Finance in Africa

Historic Africa forum to host key policymakers to drive discussions on regulations enabling integration of Islamic finance into financial system and realizing Islamic finance potential read more

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